Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Swedish Royal Children Celebrate Birthdays!

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden shared several darling photographs of their daughter Princess Estelle to mark her ninth birthday. The charming photos of the future queen were taken at Haga Palace.

In this very sweet photo, Estelle is photographed with her little brother Oscar and the family's cavoodle puppy Rio.

Wishing Estelle a very Happy Birthday. She very much resembles her mum, doesn't she?

Meanwhile Estelle's first cousin Leonore celebrated her 7th birthday last week. Princess Madeleine shared the photo from Florida, where the family live, via Facebook with the caption, "Happy 7th birthday to our Wild and Adventurous Leonore! We hope you stay just the way you are: fun, sweet, curious, caring and completely unique – just like the unicorns that you love!"

It looks like Leonore had a fabulous day on the beach!


  1. Have a very happy 9th Birthday Pss Estelle of Sweden. I also like the 2nd picture a lot.

  2. Two beautiful cousins sharing their birthdays in the same week, such a delight !Estelle is looking so lovely though I worry that she likes a camera a bit too much, and may have her fingers burned before too long. At the moment it all seems to be terrific fun to her. She is growing so fast and looks very much the part in her dignified high collar blouse. Oscar looks terrific with her too, sometimes he can look a bit shy. Thank you a million times for introducing me to Leonore, I'm sorry to say she hadn't registered on my radar so far and I'm so grateful to your blog for updating me.

  3. love fun pictures! Love watching Estelle grow up!

  4. I am pretty impressed how the royal families are managing to bring up the next generation. We will see a wave of Queens in the future, and it seems they all are happy but very much aware about their roles. Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Belgium- I am all here for it.