Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Queen Máxima Discusses "Walkway Construction"

Queen Máxima has been making a number of virtual visits this month. Today, the Queen spoke with foundation De Buitenboordmotor in her capacity as member of the Dutch Entrepreneurship Committee. A royal spokesperson wrote, "The foundation is developing a system to simplify the intersectoral transition from job to job. SMEs have been experiencing shortages of qualified staff for years. The covid crisis gives an extra dimension to this."

The Outdoor Motor is a social scale-up, partnering with companies, consortiums and education partners to address obstacles people face when changing jobs and particularly when moving to a new sector where there are shortages due to a so called "walkway construction".

More on "walkway construction" from the official royal website:

'The walkway is based on five pillars: insight into personal motivation, competences and skills; matching personal skills and work experience to a suitable job in a sector with shortages; an affordable financial arrangement to be able to walk the entire walkway; short tailor-made training and finally a consortium of companies and institutions in the deficit and surplus sectors who jointly make agreements to allow switchers to land in a new job in a sustainable manner.

During the virtual working visit, Queen Máxima, Mariëtte Hamer and fellow member of the Committee for Entrepreneurship, Meiny Prins, first listen in on the 'value game' that gives switchers insight into who they are and what type of work they like. The game is part of a 'boot camp'. During twelve training days, participants are challenged to map their talents and link them to their motivations, competences and potential jobs in sectors where there is a shortage. After the value game, there is a discussion with the participants about what it has brought them.'

A very interesting discussion which highlights issues in crossing sectors professionally all over the world.


  1. Oh my Oh my as the song goes. Trouble is i always find that reading this lovely injection of royal news with my breakfast am always in a rush it literally takes the joy out of the content. I am so looking forward to a later re-read before 'the cows come home' aka peace and quiet. Del xx

    Delia, NY, US

  2. What a fascinating insight into the possibilities for employment in the present complex situation. Certainly Maxima is a perfect pick to champion fashion issues, she has such an outstanding wardrobe herself!!

  3. Does someone know when any of the royals might visit Africa? I'm a new expat in the DRC and there are expectations of a visit. Much heady work abounds :) Cheers