Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Crown Princess Mary Attends UN Conference "A Decade of Action"

In addition to her role and duties as Crown Princess of Denmark, Mary has worked closely with the United Nations for over a decade. In 2010, she became a patron of the United Nations Population Fund and has served as a member of the task force on the international conference on population and development, which has seen her undertake trips all over the world. Mary is a passionate advocate for the UN and a respected spokesperson on women and girls, sexual and reproductive rights, and youth and humanitarian issues.

Five years ago, countries all over the world adopted the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, setting out seventeen key goals. With ten years left to fulfill the mission, Crown Princess Mary attended the international conference "A Decade of Action" at Christiansborg.

More from the Palace:

'For the past five years, the Crown Princess has been deeply involved in the work for the dissemination and achievement of world goals - both in Denmark and abroad. In particular, Her Royal Highness has focused on world goal 5 on gender equality, and as patron of the UN Population Fund, UNFPA, the Crown Princess has followed and taken part in the fund's work closely. Both through travels with Danish foreign and development ministers in countries from Bangladesh to Burkina Faso and visits to UN agencies. UNFPA is an international development organization that promotes the right of women, men and children to health and equality. The foundation is one of Denmark's largest partners in the development area.'

A royal spokesperson noted: "Just a few days after adoption of the sustainable development goals in September 2015, the Crown Princess gave a speech at a meeting that focused on the important role young people have in the implementation of the new global goals, just as Her Royal Highness as a member of the international High Level Task Force for ICPD has helped to put a focus on promoting and safeguarding the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls in the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development." Today, Mary spoke again about the path ahead over the next decade.

The appearance comes following news Frederik and Mary's Foundation has granted support to nineteen projects, including three specifically related to the pandemic. The chosen organisations include those focused on the global medical effort against COVID-19, supporting vulnerable children, science programmes, the Red Cross, and several cultural organisations supporting the arts.

Mary was stylish and understated in the Crepe Knit Wrap Jacket by Scanlan Theodore. It's one of a number of brands Australian Mary champions from the country. It is described: "It trapezes out and provides a ruffle to give the hip the illusion of being more streamlined. The shoulder pad and slim fit sleeve elongate the arm and body. Crepe Knit is made from an Italian yarn of exceptional quality and gives the result of a tailored garment while providing comfort and stretch. It is very easy to care for which makes it appropriate for everyday use and great for travel."

The piece may look familiar - the Duchess of Sussex wore it in burgundy for an Invictus Games event in Sydney in 2018.

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Separately a new video featuring Mary has been released by her foundation. Mary discussed ongoing activities, including the foundation's collaboration with Ole Kirk's foundation and Women's Crisis Centres to distribute backpacks filled with essentials for children. Over 2,000 children receive the backpacks every year; in some instances they are in temporary accommodation with their mothers following domestic violence at home. Shelters across Denmark have praised the addition of the backpacks as "an important tool in the difficult conversation with the child about the experiences of domestic violence". They include toys, educational supplies, toiletries, a teddy bear and a postcard with a greeting from Mary.


  1. I admire the work that Mary does as Crown princess of Denmark. I think she has really made something very meaningful and productive of her role and the platform it gives her. Love the jacket, and it looks great on both Mary and Meghan. In fact, when I saw the picture of Mary, I thought that Meghan would look great in it too before I scrolled down far enough to see that Charlotte has pointed out Meghan's airing of the same piece.

  2. I’m becoming a fan of this Princess and her good work. Thank you Charlotte.

    1. Me too! She certainly is beautiful, poised, sharply dressed, articulate, and yet seemingly grounded. She is someone who has embraced her role and made it her own. I saw a video where she gave a speech in very fluent Danish about her husband on his birthday, was completely blown away and it was then that she earned my respect.

  3. Wow, her new hair style looks great. Not too sure about the highlights but the way it was styled looks so utterly elegant and still youthful.

  4. Mary looks positively glowing in her crepe wrap top, it sits well on her. She looks every inch a professional representative of the UN. Her hair is terrific too, nicely styled and with good body framing her face. A woman in her prime.

  5. Mary looks lovely and classy, as she always does. I like the tie feature at the waistline of her jacket - I don't understand why the tie isn't visisble in the product photo.

  6. Crown Princess's work with UNFPA is unbelievable and so needed. I admire her

  7. CPss Mary one again has the Wow factor.