Monday, 3 August 2020

An Impassioned Speech by Crown Princess Victoria for Stockholm Pride

Crown Princess Victoria gave an excellent introductory speech for Stockholm Pride's digital parade over the weekend. Victoria told the online audience Pride is not only a celebration "but a manifestation of human rights", adding it's a "reminder of progress made - but also of everything that remains to be done". Last month, we saw Crown Princess Mary of Denmark sharing a similar message for Copenhagen Pride's digital event. Whilst gathering cannot take place as planned, messages of support from Mary and Victoria are particularly meaningful.

The Crown Princess Continued her impassioned speech by saying: "We must not stay silent. We must speak up for those who do not dare to speak, those who are not allowed to, and those who cannot. Here in Sweden and the Nordic countries, we have come a relatively long way when it comes to LGBTQI rights. But what we see as self-evident – or at least would like to believe is self-evident – is unthinkable in other parts of the world. In many countries, same-sex relationships are illegal. Young people are forced to hide and deny their love, and their identity. LGBTQI people are persecuted, harassed and even imprisoned. For me, this is totally inconceivable."

Victoria closed with:

"I also believe that this task is particularly important right now, when the coronavirus pandemic has put so much on hold and when – in some cases – progress has even been reversed. At the same time, we must not forget that even here in Sweden there are many people – young and old – who are afraid to be open.
There are families and contexts where views of LGBTQI people are still characterised by prejudice and ignorance. If you are one of those who cannot or dare not be open about who you are, I just want you to know one thing:
You have the right to be exactly who you are, and there are many of us who stand behind you. I stand behind you.
And now I would like to wish you, and all those who are celebrating in different ways this year, a wonderful, happy Pride!"

Victoria wore a long-sleeve, floral top and maxi skirt by Rodebjer. The Irmaline ensemble is described as: "The asymmetrical, hammered silk, Irmaline skirt features the iconic 'Ros och Lilja' (Rose and Lily) print, created by Swedish artist Gocken Jobs in 1946, exclusively adapted for the first time in twenty years. The generous hem adds to the romantic silhouette."


  1. She is a great CPss and will make a good Queen when the time comes.Nice summer dress.

  2. Beautiful speech and beautiful gown! A superb floral print with colours that suit Victoria while keeping a clean crew neck so we focus on her face and what she is saying and not be distracted.

  3. Caroline in Montana3 August 2020 at 19:21

    Very nice speech! I am curious if she is wearing this as 2 pieces or if a 1 piece was made for her? would love to see it in full on her. love the colors and love the hem. Hope her message gets received loud and clear. sad that this must keep being said, everyone should already know everyone can love who they love and be who they are!! we will keep pushing forward. well said CPVictoria

    1. She has already worn this earlier and it's a dress.

    2. Caroline in Montana5 August 2020 at 16:08

      Imke - Thank you for that, i had not seen it before! it does indeed look more stunning full length. And I was really thinking she was not going to go 2 piece and bare a slice of her midriff for an engagement! The white with the deep colors really suits her complexion. Thank you!!

    3. Most welcome, Caroline!

  4. Fascinating dress -- I am a sucker for gorgeous prints! This is a very nice message -- I don't know if the British RF gave out a similar message because I could have easily missed it. I hope the US will go back to such messages in the future.