Tuesday, 7 July 2020

King Felipe & Queen Letizia Visit Murcia

It's shaping up to be another incredibly busy week for King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia. Today, they visit Murcia in southeastern Spain as part of their tour of the country in aid of local tourism and organisations offering critical supports during the pandemic.

Like so many countries across the world, Spain is cautiously reopening its sectors in the hopes of recharging the economy, all the while adhering to appropriate public health measures. It's a continuous and ever-evolving challenge. In recent days the country has imposed two lockdowns - in Catalonia and Galicia - following localised outbreaks. The tourism and hospitality sector is such an important revenue stream for the country (a favourite holiday destination for so many in the UK), it's' very much a case of taking each day as it comes and adjusting to a level of uncertainty with no concrete promises possible.

They visited a local La Carrichosa fruit and vegetable cooperative where they met staff and discussed demand and how their operation has changed in light of the pandemic. Established in 2003 by the merging of two family-run businesses, the company has a long history selling directly to the consumer.

More from the royal website: "This cooperative has its own laboratory in which continuous samples are taken to analyze and ensure product monitoring and certificates. A new traceability and management computer system has also been implemented, which has meant a great investment and a great leap in the quality and organization of the company. In addition, the company indicates that it allocates part of its effort and budget to improving the quality and working conditions of the staff, expanding the areas and means of rest and adapting the jobs and work supplies. Peaches, Paraguayans, nectarines, platerines, apricots, pears and table grapes without seeds are grown on these hectares. La Carrichosa focuses exports in the United Kingdom and Germany, in addition to other destinations such as France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Greece, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore."

During the visit, the King praised the "enormous effort to maintain productive capacity", to ensure the food chain avoids shortages, and expressed his pride in the work of a region that bears the image of the country uniting tradition and modernity.

A video from the visit.

From there, the royal couple visited the Murcian Institute for Biosanitary Research. Researchers are currently attached to twenty separate projects related to the pandemic.

Felipe and Letizia were given a tour of the institute which included the cytometry laboratory, cultures, the central registry office for biobank samples, proteomics and experimental cardiology.

Telva Magazine noted the Queen's stylish summery look featured a white ZARA wrap effect top and a floral skirt by Spanish brand Sweet Matitos. Both pieces are repeats, below Letizia wearing the look in 2018 during a tour of the Caribbean (I love the pink heels).

Embed from Getty Images

Today, Letizia teamed the look with her much-loved Macarena wedges.

Yesterday evening, the King, Queen and their daughters Leonor and Sofia attended a special mass at La Almudena Cathedral in Madrid in memory of the victims of COVID-19. 

Spain has endured a dreadful battle with the virus and it was important for the royals to pay tribute. The King and Queen are doing an outstanding job in terms of amending their schedules and being at the forefront of so many visits and engagements.


  1. Hi Charlotte,
    I may not comment very often but I do follow and enjoy your blogs. So thank you for adding this one to your repertoire.

  2. Theresa - Austin, TXWednesday, 08 July, 2020

    I'm so happy you started this blog! I've followed the other royals for a while now, but have not found any blogs or sites that have the comprehensive information that you provide on yours. No need to check those other ones anymore! :)

  3. I agree with the reader from Austin! Great blog. Keep 'em coming!!

  4. Nice look for Letizia. Nice black dresses for everyone.The mass for the COVID 19 victim's is a sad reminder that it is not over yet.

  5. I love this full floral skirt on Letizia, just perfect for a trip to the fruit pickers! The Macarenas in pink continue to look a shade heavy on her feet, but while the elegant courts from last time are preferable to me, there was no way she could manage down on the farm in those. I'm sure the macarenas were way more comfortable.

    Very moving to see the Royal family at the Memorial service for Covid victims. The young princesses look very grown up in black and I'm interested to see them developing individual styles.