Sunday, 28 June 2020

Crown Princess Mary Shares Message for Global Pride

In her role as patron of Copenhagen 2021, a joint celebration of WorldPride and EuroGames, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark delivered a powerful message for the online Global Pride event. COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of hundreds of parades and events around the world and Copenhagen is expected to host the first major Pride event next August.

Mary began by speaking of the "unprecedented challenges" and "deep sorrow" experienced by communities globally this year. "It made me so happy to hear that LGBTI+ Pride organisations from across the world were coming together to create a virtual Global Pride. Mary sent her "heartfelt wishes" and a "warm invitation" for next year's events.

More from Copenhagen Pride:

'Copenhagen Pride is the largest and most famous celebration of diversity and human rights in Denmark and in 2021 we are the proud host of WorldPride.
We have more than 20 years of experience in planning and executing pride festivals and the history of Copenhagen Pride actually began when Copenhagen hosted EuroPride in 1996. Since then, Copenhagen Pride has expanded and developed in many positive ways. We maintain a strong international profile and have built strong international partnerships, and this is why we believe that we're very suited to host WorldPride in 2021.'

A message from Mary's patronage Copengagen 2021: "Copenhagen is for everyone. Now that we're hosting WorldPride 2021, we will stop at nothing to make sure that #YouAreIncluded."

One of my aims for this blog is to "introduce" readers who may not be familiar with the European royals to their causes and areas of focus. Mary is a passionate advocate for LGBTI+ rights. During a 2016 speech at the European IDAHO Forum, she spoke of her hopes for "a life of dignity for all" and "a united front in the fight against discrimination". In 2018, Mary was invited to present the honorary award to LGBT Danmark at the Danish Rainbow Awards - becoming the first member of the royal family to ever attend the awards. She attended again in 2019.

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You can visit the Global Pride 2020 website here.

Mary was in a blue silk, flared-sleeve Victoria Beckham blouse with knot detail she has worn several times.

Below, Mary wearing the piece for her 47th birthday portraits last year. It's a sold out past season design.


  1. I like this blouse, every time she wears it. New commitment for her? Nice to see her out and about again.

  2. Oh this is wonderful, the blog of my dreams!! I'm dense enough to not be able to remember it from its first incarnation but then lockdown has down strange things to my memory all round! So delighted to find a blog to highlight these lovely royals as I find it harder to track them down these days, I'd swear the Daily mail is covering less of them since Brexit. But this is wonderful to be able to learn about Mary's focus and get an ID on that blouse, had no idea it was VB and what a lovely close-up of that clever knot detail at the neck. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you so much Bertie for your comments and support :)

    2. My pleasure! I was just wondering since you included Camilla whether you might also be covering Sophie and the York sisters as these are royals I've often found hard to keep up with as there seems to be no natural home for their interests and outfits :)

    3. Most definitely including those ladies Bertie :)

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  3. Wow! What a wonderful blog! I've followed your other blogs for years, but for some reason Disqus will no longer recognize me, no matter what I do! I've set this blog as the first one on my Favorites page.

  4. I just love her and her great message thanks for showcasing this amazing princess