Friday, 11 September 2020

Crown Princess Victoria in Checked Suits as Swedish Royals Prepare for Country-Wide Tour

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden enjoyed spending the day with Generation Pep - a non-profit organisation created by the royal couple to ensure all children in the country have the opportunities to live a happy and healthy life.

Generation Pep's multi-layered approach involves not only schools, families and local youth clubs but also advocates at the highest level with politicians and policymakers. At the annual forum for the organisation last year Victoria said: "I don’t think any of you in here lack knowledge of the health situation among Sweden’s children and young people. You’ve heard the numbers and seen the charts. You know that children are moving less and less and that health is becoming more unequal. I also don’t think any of us in here are happy with what it looks like today. I know I’m not, and neither is Prince Daniel."

In Gävle, the couple joined Governor Per Bill and others for a round-table discussion focused on young people's physical health. From there, they travelled to Rapatac to hear about efforts to give children and young people good conditions for a safe and meaningful upbringing.

Victoria's stylish pink checked suit is By Malina. I do love the vibrant colour; Victoria has such an interesting style and often embraces something new. This is a very fresh take on the traditional workwear suit.

Victoria carried a Little Lifner crossbody bag and Ralph Lauren Addington boots.

Earlier this week, it was another checked suit for Victoria, as she and Daniel met representatives from the arts to discuss the difficulties they have been facing since the pandemic began. A royal spokesperson said they were told "about various creative initiatives taken to bring out performing arts to the audience under the prevailing conditions and the industry's preparations for a safe restart".

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They also joined the King and Queen for a virtual meeting with all of Sweden's governors. During the discussion it was announced royal visits and mini-tours to all of the country's twenty-one counties will take place in the coming months. They will be divided among the King and Queen, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, and Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia. It's going to be very interesting to see these trips as they happen and the itineraries.

Victoria's second checked suit is also By Malina. The grey checked Rosetta style remains available on the website.

Monaco's Royal Twins Go Back To School

A reader sent me a message on social media with a link to a fabulous photo of Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella returning to school earlier this week. I thought it very aptly summed up the moment so many will be experiencing as their little ones return to normality. It's a snapshot of Gabriella helping her brother before they begin class and catch up with their friends. This is a very brief post sending thoughts to all of you who are breathing a sigh of relief with the school week over and another step on the journey back to normality taken :)

A Busy Week for Queen Letizia as Leonor & Sofia Return to School

It's been another busy week for King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain, who carried out a variety of engagements as their daughters returned to school. Like so many countries in Europe, Spain is experiencing a rapid rise in positive Covid-19 cases during what's been coined "the second wave" of the pandemic. This had led to varied restrictions imposed across several regions and has undoubtedly presented difficulties for aides planning itineraries. We've seen a focus on meetings and more low-key visits, obviously planned with these challenges in mind.

Earlier this week, Felipe and Leitzia stepped out for the annual Cooperators Day, which honours those working tirelessly in the fight against global poverty and for sustainable human development. Due to the aforementioned restrictions, the event was scaled back with just eight representatives from a number of organisations joining the King and Queen.

The director of NGO Action Against Hunger in Lebanon, Beatriz Navarro, spoke to the couple about the 125 aid workers who have lost their lives this year and the multitude of issues facing the most vulnerable due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, a nurse from Mozambique, Maria José Castro, discussed the situation in the country. Letizia was particularly interested to speak to her as she visited Mozambique last year with the Spanish Cooperation as part of rural community development efforts. Letizia stressed the importance of cooperation in the months ahead.

King Felipe said: "I am aware that many of you are suffering a worsening of the already harsh and precarious living conditions as a result of COVID-19. I want in particular to convey our concern and solidarity to those people who are displaced with your families, who are being affected by these exceptional circumstances, and to those others who are separated from your loved ones by the limitation in the movement of people imposed by the pandemic."

Queen Letizia repeated a navy and white tweed midi ZARA dress she debuted last year. I remember when she wore this there was a great deal of surprise the dress was on sale for £20. It looks a much more expensive piece owing to the cut - with off-the-shoulder design and a frayed hem. Letizia accessorised with Caroline Herrera shoes and accessories.

In her role as honorary president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer, yesterday Letizia held a meeting with several experts on research in the field. 

During 2019, the Spanish Association Against Cancer has assisted 318,264 people affected by the disease. A royal spokesperson noted: "The organisation has been the reference entity in the fight against cancer for 66 years. It dedicates its efforts to showing the reality of cancer in Spain, detecting areas for improvement and starting a process of social transformation that allows a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to cancer." Letizia heard about several grants to fund research for the coming months.

Letizia's striking floral dress is the Massimo Dutti Cupro style.

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And this morning the Queen was photographed dropping Leonor and Sofia off for school.

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Shortly after these images were taken, it was confirmed a pupil in Leonor's class had tested positive for the virus. Both Leonor and Sofia will have to quarantine for two weeks. It underscores the challenges and uncertainty ahead as students all over the world return to school. 

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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Crown Princess Mary Attends UN Conference "A Decade of Action"

In addition to her role and duties as Crown Princess of Denmark, Mary has worked closely with the United Nations for over a decade. In 2010, she became a patron of the United Nations Population Fund and has served as a member of the task force on the international conference on population and development, which has seen her undertake trips all over the world. Mary is a passionate advocate for the UN and a respected spokesperson on women and girls, sexual and reproductive rights, and youth and humanitarian issues.

Queen Máxima Celebrates Music Table Day & Meets Carers & Their Loved Ones

It's another busy week for Queen Máxima as she dives into the autumn schedule. Today, the Queen attended a school concert to mark Music Table Day which encourages those from across the education sector.

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Monday, 7 September 2020

The Duchess of Cornwall Visits Rifles as Regiment's Colonel-In-Chief

The Duchess of Cornwall has carried out her first official engagement as colonel-in-chief of 1st Battalion, the Rifles since she succeeded Prince Philip in the role in July. It marks the beginning of the autumn schedule for the British royals, as they undertake a programme of events with measures such as social distancing and a very limited press pack in attendance.

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Friday, 4 September 2020

It's Back to Business for Queen Máxima

Following the traditional summer break, the royals are back in action this week as they commence a packed autumn programme of engagements in very different circumstances compared to previous years. Yesterday, Queen Máxima stepped out in a very stylish white suit to visit a community centre in Rotterdam supporting the elderly.

Monday, 31 August 2020

Elegant New Portraits Mark Queen Rania's 50th Birthday

A series of elegant new portraits were released by the Royal Court to officially mark Queen Rania's 50th birthday. The Queen recently told Hola! she has "never really been big on birthdays. Some people find this hard to believe, but my absolute least favourite thing is to be the centre of attention." It's a very special day for the Queen who has undoubtedly been showered with gifts and best wishes today.

Monday, 17 August 2020

Actresses Who Have Played Diana as Crown Casts Elizabeth Debicki

Before watching Helen Mirren's sublime performance as the Queen in 2006, I was skeptical to say the least. Mirren immersed herself in the role so convincingly that crew members who were casual and relaxed at the start of production took to standing straight with their hands neatly folded behind their backs as she arrived on set. Suffice to say I was blown away by the mannerisms, the voice, the attention to detail; she had captured the Queen. This feat was to be achieved a second time when English actress Claire Foy brought the young Queen to life through Peter Morgan's writing. This has not been the case with Princess Diana - the most covered and written about woman of a generation. Despite talented and well-known faces delving into Diana's most troubled years, I can't say anyone has nailed it.

Monday, 3 August 2020

An Impassioned Speech by Crown Princess Victoria for Stockholm Pride

Crown Princess Victoria gave an excellent introductory speech for Stockholm Pride's digital parade over the weekend. Victoria told the online audience Pride is not only a celebration "but a manifestation of human rights", adding it's a "reminder of progress made - but also of everything that remains to be done". Last month, we saw Crown Princess Mary of Denmark sharing a similar message for Copenhagen Pride's digital event. Whilst gathering cannot take place as planned, messages of support from Mary and Victoria are particularly meaningful.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020