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Princess Charlene's Glamorous Week, Princess Mary Chic in Joseph & All The Latest

Today we're taking a look at the latest news from several royal families, beginning with Monaco. It's been a busy month for Princess Charlene who carried out several glamorous engagements during the week.

Palais Princier de Monaco

Her Serene Highness joined Prince Albert to greet Hollywood stars at the Prince's Palace for the 55th annual Monte Carlo Television Festival. Below we see the couple with Lindsay Wagner, Stefanie Powers, Bo Derek and Lee Majors.

Palais Princier de Monaco

At first glance, I thought Charlene's long-sleeved white gown was a showstopper; the silhouette and structure is perfect for her statuesque, athletic frame. However, I'm not loving the military detail, which may be better suited to an outerwear piece.

Palais Princier de Monaco

Charlene's sleek hair and red lipstick looked fantastic and her pair of statement earrings were a fabulous addition to the look.

Albert and Charlene also attended the 33rd International Swimming Meeting; the glitzy event is a perfect engagement for former Olympian Charlene who has made supporting sport and swimming a priority in her charitable work.

Palais Princier de Monaco

Charlene chose a striking blue dress with a deep v neck for the event. Do you like it?


Over in Denmark, a stylish Princess Mary officially opened the children's libraries reading campaign "Summer Book" in Odense. The campaign aims to encourage children to read at least three books and review them before August 22.


Afterwards, the Crown Princess visited the Danish Fashion Now exhibition.

Danish Fashion Now Facebook Page

Interestingly, Mary is actually participating in the exhibition and loaned ten of her Danish-designed dresses.

Danish Fashion Now Facebook Page

Mary chose a classic, chic look to carry her through both engagements. The Style of Mary website revealed she wore the £295 Joseph Matt Silk Bibby Blouse; the tailored textured silk piece is a very elegant addition to one's wardrobe. Mary teamed it with a navy skirt and Rupert Sanderson Winona Pumps.

Joseph / Rupert Sanderson


Queen Maxima looked colourful for the for the opening of the Design Derby Netherlands - Belgium at the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, in Rotterdam.

Maxima chose a customized Natan dress with orange accessories and a statement hat.


King Felipe VI and Queen Leitizia attended the 'Order of the Civil Merit' ceremony at the royal palace.


The Duchess of Cornwall brought out the big guns from the jewellery box for the Duke of Wellington's Waterloo Banquet at Apsley House, London. Camilla donned the Greville Tiara - also known as the Boucheron Honeycomb Tiara - one of two tiaras the Queen Mother wore in her later years with the Greville Festoon Necklace.

The Duchess of Wellington wore a black gown and fabulous jewels too.

The Greville is a fascinating piece and one we'll cover in depth for a future Tiara Time post!


  1. I love Charlene' s blue dress--beautiful color and design. Mary's top was perfect. Maxima's dress and hat were stunning. I thought orange an odd choice of color for the accessories. I'm conflicted about Charlene' s off white dress. It seemed like other embellishments would have been better than the pockets and shoulder "things." (What do you call those?)

  2. I agree on Charlene's white dress...the military additions were not flattering; the red lips are a bit harsh, but the earrings are delicious! Loved the blue on her. She really seems happy, which is the best look of all. Mary is perfectly fine with just the right balance of business and elegant. Max, hummm, the seams and pleat on the dress just don't work for me, nor does the orange. The hat is a big hat. Or lampshade. Leti looks lovely. As does Felipe. As for Cams, while she can carry off a lot of sparkle, this is overkill. The dress isn't very flattering...the girls need some support, the middle is regretful, and the color is good on Prince George. The DoW looks lovely in her jewels, but the dress interferes with the necklace (although it's a fabulous dress and she wears it VERY well!). Love the gloves! And the Duke is quite dapper.

  3. Thanks so much Charlotte for continuing with the Royal Digest, I so enjoy reading about the goings on with the other European royal ladies!!

    I agree with you regarding the white dress, it was almost a military look but fell short. And imo the bright red lipstick is much to bright for Charlene's pale, delicate features. However, the blue dress was stunning on her! Since the birth of her children she has been glowing and the easy affection between her and Albert is wonderful to see.

    Max can rock the big hats like no one else. Who would have thought that burgundy and orange would look so great together?!

    IMO, Leti had a rare fashion fail with this dress. While the dress itself is pretty the color just doesn't compliment Leti at all, it's just too beige and she is too pale to carry it off well.

    Mary looked lovely, very professional and classic. I wonder how odd it would be to attend an exhibit of dresses you wore previously? I wonder if she was taking a trip down memory lane looking at this collection.

    Wow, how did Camilla not fall over from the shear weight of all those diamonds?? While I liked the color of this dress on her, I agree with Anon above that the "girls" need a bit more support in this gown and I think it needs to be about an inch longer, it's just a tad too short. If I had access to those necklaces I'd be wearing them every minute of every day, they might be overkill but what a way to go :)

  4. What a pleasant surprise to have so many new posts on The Royal Digest! These roundups have been quite fun. Camilla is wall of diamonds! All that sparkle must've been hypnotizing in person ;-)

  5. Great post love it! I always "adored" Lindsay Wagner as The Bionic Woman as a kid so I am thrilled to her here with Princess Charlene!!
    Queen Max looks amazing!

  6. I agree with you, Charlotte. I don't care for the detail on Charlene's gown, although her hair and lipstick was stunning. (I actually thought she was wearing a dress or a suit.) The blue gown is okay, but perhaps would have looked better with a different neckline.

    Mary's outfit is simply perfect in every way. I love her patent pumps, and I wish Kate would add some (dark patent) to her shoe collection.

    Maxima's outfit and hat is pure Max and I do like it, but she could have passed on the orange accessories. :)

    Camilla does like her diamonds, although this necklace isn't my favorite. And she has more flattering gowns in her closet. This one has no waist and makes her look like the Queen Mother.

  7. so happy to see you posting again i have missed your posts here charlotte! i think this is the best charlene has ever looked in that white dress! wow ! princess mary looks gorgeous as ever.

  8. I agree Charlotte, Charlene's gown would have been better if it had no detailing. The silhouette was very flattering to her frame. I love the blue dress but the first picture makes her look like she is just a floating torso with no legs. It is at a very odd angle.

    We have a university here in the US, Virgina Technical University (VA Tech for short) whose colors are maroon and orange. So I wasn't surprised by the orange accessories. It isn't a common color coordination and looks great on Max. It really makes the accessories pop off the dress.

    Camilla looks like an old frumpy lady instead of a modern woman in that dress. It is just awful the way it hangs on her and the length. As someone who generally wears minimal accessories it was a bit much with the necklace and the large tiara for me. One or the other would have been preferable but that is just my taste. They are both stunning pieces of the royal collection. The Duchess of Wellington looks great in her black gown. I do think the shoulder detailing fights for attention with her necklace but I much prefer this look over Camilla.

    Mary looks splendid. Very elegant for a day engagement. It must be very strange to see items you have worn as part of a museum exhibit. The shirt is a great pairing with that skirt. Is that something she has had for awhile? I noticed there was no mention of the designer for this piece.

  9. Julia from Leominster24 June 2015 at 07:38

    Charlene's white dress has a nice flow to it and works on her. It seems to have the right level of formality where the other guests are wearing all matter of things. It reminds me of Kate's gown that she wore to the film premiere and also a similar gown once worn by Carolyn Bessette Kennedy - a look that Charlene seems to be striving for - I wish she would add a necklace to the blue but that just isn't her style..

    I love Charlene's slightly longer hair - especially with the blue dress. That colour is good against her pale skin but the uneven hem makes me wonder how it looked straight on - I remember longing for a dress with a handerchief hem when I was young - but when I finally got one - the look was not so good.

    Mary looked so much like Kate in her blue military outfit that for a moment I thought it was her. Love the shoes and Mary looks nice as always - of all the royals she seems to have a wonderful blanace of work and private life and a wonderful look. I also love Leticia's dress but wish it had been a bit longer.

    Don't like Max's outfit. Enough said - red and orange are not my favourite and I don't understand that thing around her neck - and not fond of hats that look like they belong on lamps.

    I thought Camilla and Charles were already married - why is she dressing like a bride. To call attention to herself? She really has turned into looking like a doddering old biddy - not a help to Charles in trying to promote his forward ideas. The diamonds are magnificent but just because you can doesn't mean you should - they call attention to her neck which is not good. The blue is nice but the dress is as aging as so many of her clothes are.

    1. Good point about the diamonds not being the best tool to promote Charles' "vision" of the future. On the other hand, when does he deny himself? And since when has Camilla promoted anyone but herself?

  10. I don't know exactly why I had this thought - but it appears to me that the diamonds are wearing Camilla - perhaps the dowdy, unattractive dress or the hairstyle just don't complement them well?


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