Thursday, 6 November 2014

Spanish Royals Undertake Engagements for Peace and Journalistic Merit

King Felipe VI of Spain greeted President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia on his arrival in Spain on Monday at Zarzuela Palace in Madrid. Mr. Santos was in Spain seeking assurances of Spanish support for the Colombian peace process and the rebuilding of Colombia's infrastructure if a peace deal is signed between his government and armed rebel groups.

The king and president were joined by Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy, who held private meetings with Mr. Santos after the welcoming. The visit is part of a wider Colombian mission to the European Union, which Mr. Santos hopes will help garner support for his country at this critical time in peace negotiations.

On Wednesday, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia attended the 31st Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Award ceremony at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid. The winner this year was journalist José Antonio Zarzalejos who works for El Confidencial and La Vanguardia. Among many other important stories in the past year, Mr. Zarzalejos broke the news of Juan Carlos I's abdication in favour of his son.

The award was founded in 1983 by the Association of European Journalists and named after Spanish journalist Francisco Cerecedo, died tragically of a brain aneurysm aged just 37 in Bogotá, Colombia, while accompanying the General Secretary of the Spanish Socialist Party on his 1977 visit to the country.

Below we see the royal couple with Mr. Zarzalejos (3rd from left).

Queen Letizia opted for a glamorous but understated look with dark rose-pattern blouse and black trousers, heels and bag.


  1. As usual Letizia looks lovely. I do so wish the British royals would realize that wearing trousers is perfectly acceptable and at some events a much better choice than dresses. Hint, hint Catherine, no more panty shots if you wore trousers :). I am also really loving how her hair is styled, Letizia does some of best updos I've seen. CP Victoria should borrow her hairdresser lol.

  2. Likely this is not intended to be a place for political comments - but it looks like the Columbian president is making lots of efforts to get attention to the peace efforts in his country - good on him!

    I have to say that every time I see Letizia - she is just perfectly dressed - for the occasion - but with incredible style. This is no exception. On the other hand, I don't like the look of the king Felippe with the blue shirt - makes him look like an average blue-collar bank executive.... (in the photo from the meeting with the Columbian president). It would have made for a much more royal look with a white 9or even pale yellow - tone on tone ! - shirt). That's my two-cents anyway. Maybe Letizia didn't see him before he left the palace (in my mind I imagine she would have addressed it..).


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