Saturday, 8 November 2014

Princess Caroline Launches the AMADE Netherlands Gala and Visits Gassan Diamonds

Caroline, Princess of Hanover was in the Dutch capital Amsterdam on Friday for the launch of the Association Mondiale des Amis de L'Enfance (AMADE) benefit gala and auction at the Rijksmuseum, where she spoke with members of the association including Secretary General of AMADE Jerome Froissart and board of directors member Pieter Bogaardt.

In accordance with the wishes of Princess Grace of Monaco, AMADE was founded in 1963 with the aim of creating a world where the fundamental rights of all children are respected. AMADE dedicates itself to protecting children worldwide and providing them with access to proper healthcare and education. Princess Caroline has been President of AMADE since 1993.

The princess toured the museum guided by Rijksmuseum General Director Wim Pijbes and viewed some of the famous artworks on display, including Rembrandt's extraordinary painting commonly known as 'The Night Watch'.

Another part of the AMADE Netherlands launch was a visit to the Gassan Diamonds Factory in Amsterdam, where the princess and members of AMADE met with CEO of Gassan Diamonds Benno Leeser and Choices by DL owner and Gassan Brand Manager Debora Leeser, who guided them through the jewellery collections.

Gassan Diamonds and Debora Leeser kindly donated a Choices by DL diamond jewellery set to the AMADE fundraising auction, which also included a signed Novak Djokovic tennis racket, specially-made artworks and luxury city breaks, to name a few items.

Gassan Diamonds was founded in 1945 by Samuel Gassan and now employs over 500 people. The factory was originally steam powered and a tour of the factory shows visitors how diamonds are cut and polished, with the history of the industry fully showcased. Diamond jewellery can also be purchased in the dedicated store.

It was great to see Princess Caroline for a double engagement, using her star power to promote such a worthy cause.

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  1. That woman can make a statement just by walking into a room. She looks wonderful and is so effortlessly chic and charming. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


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