Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Prince Albert Attends INTERPOL General Assembly in Monaco

Prince Albert II opened INTERPOL's 83rd General Assembly in Monaco yesterday, where he was joined by more than 1,200 delegates from INTERPOL's 190 members countries. The theme this year is ‘Turn Back Crime: 100 years of international police cooperation’.

The assembly takes place over five days and this year focuses on contemporary crime. The 2014 meeting is seen as strongly symbolic, as it is 100 years since Albert, Prince of Monaco invited countries to Monaco to discuss an international response to international crime, laying the foundations for the creation of INTERPOL in 1923.

In a speech to the assembly, His Serene Highness said:

"The growth in economic trade and the free movement of people requires a strong reaction from the police, extending beyond the borders of states, so as not to be surpassed by the actions of malicious individuals who exploit the advantages of our globalized world. 
Today, INTERPOL is the most effective structure for fighting transnational organized crime. Your exchanges and discussions will permit you to assess the measures carried out during the past years, notably for improving the capacity of police to adapt their methods to new types of crimes connected to advances in technology."

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