Thursday, 2 October 2014

The King and Queen of Spain Attend University and Greet the President of Honduras

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain attended the opening of university courses at Castilla-La Mancha University in Toledo on Tuesday, where they met with staff and faculty members.

During his speech, the King reiterated his belief in the power of higher education to help Spain through its difficult economic time, noting the university's "essential contribution to building a better Spain" and saying it "can count on the support of the Crown at all times". His Majesty added, "universities are a window of hope for younger generations and, therefore, for the future of our country."

Casa Real

The King and Queen also unveiled a plaque dedicated to the opening of the courses.

Casa Real

The royal couple finished the engagement by attending a lecture by the university's Professor Pedro Cesar titled "The Power of Literature" before signing the Book of Honour.

The Queen looked effortlessly stylish in a plum Felipe Varela dress.

On Wednesday, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia held a reception for the President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, and his wife, Ana Rosalinda Garcia, at the Royal Palace in Madrid.

The President is currently undertaking an official visit to Spain where he is holding talks with Spanish government and business leaders and discussing business opportunities in Honduras, along with development plans for his country. It is hoped the visit will strengthen ties between the two countries and encourage Spanish investment for a logistics centre connecting Atlantic and Pacific trade.

Letizia was pretty in pink dress with a black belt.


  1. Kate, Texas, USA2 October 2014 at 04:06

    Queen Letizia is beautiful and classy! I'm not too familiar with the Spanish Royal family, but she seems to be popular and a great ambassador for her country.

  2. I think she is uncomfortably thin. The sleeves of the dress accentuate it. I miss the days of plump queens.

    1. I have to agree. When I see her with sleeveless or strapless dresses it does make me wonder.

      On a positive note, I do believe that since F&L became King and Queen, they look so much more happy and relaxed in public.

    2. anon from Leominster3 October 2014 at 17:04

      She is very slim and have to admit I don't like her in sleeveless dresses. Her arms may be quite athletic like ballerinas but I still don't think it's a good look. I like to assume Letizia is healthy, just very disclipined.

      I do like these two dresses very much and think the king did a masterful job with his speech on such an important subject. Both he and Letizia had done a fine job stepping into their new roles and hopefully are helping to improve the reputatiton of the monarchy.

    3. Liking to assume that Letizia is healthy, just very disciplined because she is slim overlooks one thing. That may be her natural state without any dieting or discipline at all.

      One of my colleagues and both of her daughters were like that. They got rather tired of people wondering and commenting whether or not they was on the borders of anorexia all the time. Or asking about their diets. They ate what they wanted, exercised moderately (because it was good for them), but whatever they did, they were built like whippets.

    4. I agree :( Letizia is a pretty lady, but she should NEVER wear sleeveless dresses/tops because all you see is tendons and ligaments. Kind of like with Madonna, only in a smaller size . My guess is same extreme amount of exercise minus a whole lot of food intake. Super unflattering.

      I have never seen her plump of heavy, she was always slim but has taken it to the extreme in the past decade. Scary.

  3. I agree Kate. She does look very polished.

  4. I like each of these dresses but I don't know about wearing such a similar color two days in a row, or maybe Letizia is in a purplish/pinkishmood this week :) Standing next to her husband (the tallest current monarch) Letizia sure does look tiny and delicate.

  5. She is gorgeous, and a real asset to the monarchy. She is always cheerful and stylish and regal.

  6. Both of her dresses are lovely. I remember the first time Letizia wore the plum dress next to Carla Bruni's Indigo dress, I loved both colors (have way to much of them in my closet). Letizia looked best.

    I still can't get over how painfully thin she is :(


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