Friday, 10 October 2014

Stylish Sophie in Stella McCartney for Evening of Engagements

It was a busy evening for the Countess of Wessex who was guest of honour at the 10th anniversary London Press Club Ball, which is raising funds for the Journalists Charity in its 150th year. The Countess already has quite a history with the charity, having opened its new care facility in 2007. Sophie's royal links are not the first, and in fact the enduring history goes back a century and a half to Queen Victoria's reign.

Afterwards, the Countess attended the Friendship Ball in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital at the Natural History Museum.

The inaugural ball took place in 2012 and has been going from strength to strength since. The collaboration between the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity and the Children's Medical and Research Foundation is one of the most important fundraising events of the year.

Great Ormond Street is truly remarkable, dealing with over 240,000 visits each year and helping patients diagnosed with the rarest and most complex conditions, while offering the widest range of paediatric services under one roof in Britain. Each year they face the incredible task of raising £50 million in order to continue providing these services. If you wish to find out more about fundraising possibilities or would like to donate, please click here.

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Sophie posed with singer Pixie Lott.

Sophie chose a striking burgundy dress by Stella McCartney for the event (with thanks to the wonderful HRH Countess of Wessex Blog). The long sleeved garment retails for £2,225 and features a round neck, long sheer sleeves, darts at the bodice and all-over embroidered floral lace.

Stella McCartney

More from the product description:

'Work the ladylike look in Stella McCartney's long-sleeved lace dress this season. Cast in a rich new-season palette in embroidered lace with flesh tone lining, the sophisticated look is completed with a simple round neckline and a scallop-edged hem.'

Sophie completed the look with nude heels and wore her hair tied back. Keeping her hair and accessories minimalistic allowed the dress to shine.

It's always a treat to see Sophie and I very much admire her choice of patronages and the selected organisations and charities she supports.


  1. Thanks for the nice post on Sophie, she does so much but receives so little attention. I like this dress on her, the color and cut really suit her and shows off her figure nicely. I also like the shoes, they seem to be suede which is a great nod to the season. The only thing I would change would be her hair, I really like it down, with the soft waves but she does wear it up a lot, it must be easier and I imagine she doesn't use a hair dresser as often as the DOC. I just noticed, her earrings look awfully familiar, Kate has a similar pair or maybe Sophie borrowed these from Kate :).

    1. I'm not always a fan of what she wears, but I have to be fair here and say this dress looks lovely on her. The color, the all works.

      But I disagree on the hair, Lauri. :) Her hair is on the thin side and a shorter cut with some layering might minimize that.

  2. Wow, Sophie looks so pretty. She is naturally beautiful and chose a very flattering (gorgeous) dress and great shoes + jewelry.

    I'm sure she would look great with shorter hair and layers... even younger too.

    1. Shorter hair would make her look younger. I agree.

  3. anon from Leominster12 October 2014 at 04:26

    Love the dress and I agree with Lauri on her hair. She recently wore it down at the baby charity and she looked lovely. I like it long, but then I have long hair myself.


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