Friday, 31 October 2014

Royal Roundup: A Week of Tiaras, Sparkle and Elegant Gowns!

For those just joining us, you may not know we simply LOVE a tiara sighting and our favourite royal ladies showcased them with aplomb during the week. We very rarely see Queen Letizia in a tiara, however, we were in for a treat last night when the stylish royal arrived for a state dinner in Madrid.

The event was held in Zarzuela Palace to honour Michelle Bachelet, the visiting President of Chile.

Casa de S.M. el Rey Twitter Feed

Letizia selected the Spanish Floral Tiara for the evening. The tiara's history goes back to 1962 when General Franco gave it to Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark on behalf of the Spanish people to mark her marriage to Juan Carlos I of Spain. Queen Sofia has worn it countless times over the years and in recent years it has become Letizia's second favourite.

It's a very pretty tiara set in gold and silver in a floral motif. It's actually convertible and makes for a divinely striking necklace too. 

The Queen chose a delicate black lace gown by Caroline Herrera for the occasion.

The short-sleeve, tiered-lace evening gown is fitted through the hip and features a high, round neckline and short sleeves. Made in Italy, it is currently available at Neiman Marcus for just under £4,000.

Dramatic make-up and simple diamond earrings completed what is, in my opinion, one of Letizia's finest looks.


The King and Queen of the Netherlands are on a state visit to Japan, and as you know, we can always rely upon Max to deliver in the sparkle stakes.

Yesterday evening, the Emperor and Empress held a state banquet in honour of the visit and for her first state visit as Queen to another monarchy she chose a tiara which was one of Beatrix's favourites - the W├╝rttemberg Ornate Pearl Tiara.

The elaborate tiara features diamonds studded with round pearls and detachable drop pearls atop. It is one of the most impressive tiaras in the Dutch collection and 'very Maxima'. The Queen complimented it with large pearl earrings. Maxima repeated a gold dress with studded design by Jan Taminiau.

Dutch Monarchy Official Website


Elsewhere in Europe, the royals have been showcasing a selection of stylish evening looks at various events. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark looked elegant at a gala for the American Chamber of Commerce in Copenhagen.

The Crown Princess selected a floral-print skirt by Australian designer Jayson Brunsdon with an off-the-shoulder top and gorgeous blue earrings. 

Queen Mathile of Belgium wore a gorgeous midnight blue velvet off-the-shoulder gown for a reception with Canada's Governor-General David Johnston. This gown is very Princess Diana-esque and like the late Princess, Mathilde has the stature to pull it off.

Last but certainly not least, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden joined other members of the royal family at a dinner for members of parliament at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Victoria chose a flowing teal gown with delicate embellishment and Oscar de la Renta earrings (perhaps in memory of the late designer).


Victoria also wore a glamorous pink gown for a formal gathering of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. 


Let us know which look was your favourite in the comments section. :)


  1. Fantastic post, Charlotte! :)

    I really like Mary's, Maxima's, and Victoria's (green) gowns. Mathilde's is beautiful and reminds me of Diana's when she danced with Travolta in the White House. Nice look on Letizia too, but she appears to be losing more weight, if that is possible.

  2. I love Crown Princess Mary's outfit! That skirt is so fun and fresh!

  3. Oh my goodness, how could anyone pick a favorite from this royally wonderful lineup?? I think I will stay with the way it was presented, Letizia, Max, Mary, Mathilda and then Victoria. Although that dress on Mathilda is stunning, just wish there was a larger picture of it so I could make an informed decision lol :). Also, I did think Victoria looked lovely in both dresses but I am so tired of this hairstyle or rather lack of hair style. For years now every picture I've seen of her she has her hair up in the plain looking bun, not even a elegant chignon or a towering updo, no just this bun. Sigh!!

  4. what a great post. The queen of spain is gorgeous! I wish kate would wear her hair like this more often! I love Mary of denmark's outfit too!

  5. the queen of spain looks gorgeous and i love her hair. I wish the duchess of cambridge kate would wear her hair like this more often. I also love princess mary's outfit! thanks charlotte!

  6. Love the jewels, but Maxima's tiara looked askew in several pictures.
    Mathidle looks so elegant---seems to have been such a change in her since she became Queen--perhaps a bigger dress allowance, which she is using well.

  7. The queen of Spain and the queen of Belgium looked exquisite. Those were my favorite looks. Very glamorous.

  8. What a great shot of Mary's earrings flying about! That dress is my favorite but they all really look fabulous. I agree that Letizia looks too thin and that Victoria could really use a different hairstyle.

    1. Yes, Moxie. It is nice to see jewelry flying rather than hair... :)

      Although I too think that Victoria's is too severe. She and Kate should "meet in the middle".

  9. Eve from Germany1 November 2014 at 08:44

    Mathilde´s look - OMG, drop-dead-GORGEOUS!!! It reminds me of Duchess Kate´s black velvet evening gown - this kind of style is just a hit. Mathilde looks absolutely beautiful in her gown. The colour adds a very special glow to her face, the shape compliments her figure and height - wow.....
    I loved Letizia´s lace gown, too, it´s just that she is so horrendously thin that it makes her face look very harsh - as if she was a totally unforgiving person or something like that. Very, very sad IMO. She´s really a "good" example of how being very, very thin can almost "destroy" a beautiful face....
    Thanks for that lovely post with all the "right" information (meaning loads of beautiful pictures of beautiful tiaras!! ;-))))) )!!!! Loved it!
    AND: I´m particularly happy, that Crown Princess Masako of Japan turned out for the first time in many years for the greeting of Wilhelm and Maxima - she even attended the state banquet!! She´s a lovely person and has a very special relation with Wilhelm and Maxima. She even travelled for the first time in years to the coronation just to show her respect and love and support. Suffering from severe depression she disappeared completely for a very long time and many thought she might never recover. So, welcome back, Crown Princess Masako!!!


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