Thursday, 23 October 2014

Princess Marie Oversees Stevns Klint UNESCO Ceremony

The 15 km-long white chalk cliff Stevns Klint was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in a ceremony on Tuesday presided over by Princess Marie of Denmark. The princess, who is patron of the Danish National Commission for UNESCO, toured the site and took in the view from the cliff tops before unveiling a large plaque detailing the site.


The cliffs are considered one of the most important global sites for the study of Earth's history, and represent a geological line between the end of the Mesozoic era and the beginning of the Cenozoic era.

The princess dressed well for the occasion and weather, wearing a three-quarter-length grey coat, gloves and black trousers.



  1. Hi Charlotte,

    I like this outfit on Marie, professional and totally appropriate for the location, weather and event. I do wish the Windsor's were better about wear trousers for certain events. I understand that we will probably never see Queen Elizabeth wearing trousers in public but there is nothing wrong with Sophie or Kate wearing them. Sometimes dresses with heels just doesn't work.

    I wonder how it is for Princess Marie and her husband to be overshadowed by Prince Fredrick and Princess Mary? Similar to Ed and Sophie versus Will and Kate. Are they jealous, frustrated by the lack of news coverage or thrilled that the spotlight isn't on them? Does anyone have any opinions on this?

  2. Lauri, I would be shocked if there wasn't an element of that behind the scenes. :)


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