Thursday, 30 October 2014

Charles and Camilla's Colombia Visit Continues

Wednesday provided the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall time to undertake separate engagements. Prince Charles visited a 'skill school' in Bogotá where he met staff and students involved in Colombia's National Service of Learning initiatives, designed to teach people skills such as cooking, carpentry and engineering.

The prince looked suitably impressed by examples of robotic machines constructed during training programs.

And sampled coffee made by some of the students.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cornwall, accompanied by the First Lady, visited Santo Domingo School of Arts and Crafts which provides people with the opportunity to learn traditional skills and trades such as embroidery, leather working, woodworking and silversmithing.

Magly Palacios, a teacher at the school, created a clutch for the duchess, which she presented to her during the visit.

The prince and duchess attended a Caribbean-themed sustainability fair featuring organic produce at the ambassador's residence, where all manner of traditional skills and techniques were on show, much to the prince's fascination.

The duchess was presented with a wool cape by traditional wool producers. An item which may prove useful on her return to the UK if the mild weather departs.

Afterwards, the couple attended a reception marking the 75th anniversary of the British Council in Colombia. The council promotes British education and expertise abroad and provides opportunities for cooperation in education, arts and culture. Prince Charles is Vice Royal Patron of the council.

The visit included launching the Try Rugby Colombia sports program, during which he met young people involved in British Council activities, who all looked quite happy despite the rain.

The prince posed with players involved and chatted with Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin.

Charles and Camilla also attended a meeting with President Santos and Mrs. Rodríguez de Santos, where they exchanged gifts.

The final engagement of the day was an official state dinner at the presidential palace, Casa de Nariño, in honour of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The prince and duchess posed with the presidential couple for photos.

And viewed a dancing display by Colombian-born Fernando Montaño of the Royal Ballet, who performed a male version of Fokine's 'The Dying Swan' set to Saint-Saëns' 'The Swan'. The prince and the duchess are said to be fans of ballet and the duchess described watching Montaño as a "privilege".

It was a packed day for the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, and very much a wonderful look at a beautiful country so often, and very sadly, seen in a negative light.

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  1. Hi Charlotte,

    Thanks for a great post! I wonder, Camilla received some very beautiful and useful gifts, will she actually use them. The clutch and cape would be wonderful additions to her wardrobe. How does that work when the Royals received gifts that they might actually like and want to use? Do they get used or shipped to a large warehouse where they sit forever? I would really be interested if anyone knows. Thanks in advance :)

    While I'm sure it was an honor to see Fernando Montano perform right in front of you, I think I'd have a difficult time not giggling watching someone leap around in a leotard :)

    What a great point you made Charlotte, the visits that the royals make can really help people understand the culture of a country better and maybe make it seem a more desirable place to visit. Columbia has certainly had it's share of struggles in recent years and hopefully this visit, in some small way, will help show the world that Columbia is much more than is seen in the news.


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