Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Queen in High Spirits at Braemer Gathering

Her Majesty the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles were in high spirits as they watched traditional Scottish sports at the annual Braemer Gathering yesterday.

As patron of the Games, the Queen joined thousands of spectators to cheer on participants in tug of war contests and tossing the caber. The games take place on the first Saturday of every September at the Princess Royal and Duke of Fife Memorial Park, west of Aberdeen.

Prince Charles chatting with the Queen; the Duchess of Cornwall was noticeably absent from the event, and she was recently spotted on holiday in Ibiza.

The Queen looked regal in a cream jacket, cream hat and placed a tartan rug on her lap as she took her seat.

Among the Queen's choice of jewellery I noticed her Braemer feather brooch. Her Majesty was presented with the piece by the Braemer Royal Highland Society for her Golden Jubilee in 2002. Shaped like an eagle's feather, it features a jubilee stamp on the back.

It was wonderful to see HM enjoying herself; we haven't seen much of her or Prince Philip during their Balmoral break, and certainly much less than in previous years.


  1. anon from Leominster7 September 2014 at 17:02

    Always glad to see the queen at the Braemer Games, she seems to really enjoy it.

    Back in the Eighties, I was able to go and had a wonderful time. I suppose you would say today it was on my "bucket list". Diana was wearing a lovely tartan coatdress or possibly a suit I couldn't quite tell in photos later, but I would have died to own it. I was so excited to see her. I had my binoculars and was able to get a good look. Diana was radiant, if she wasn't enjoying it, she gave not the slightest impression. he queen was having a marvelous time. There was a race up a muddy hill, hysterical to watch, though I'm gald I wasn't the one doing it.

    Wish William and Kate would attend. To share it with the queen would be something! They've never been once to my knowledge, not even sure if William went before he was married. Hopefully, when George is older, they will bring him - it's tremendous fun. But of course, who can say what will be happening to Scotland and the royal family at this point. The whole situation is so painful for so many, hardly dare mention it.

  2. Thanks, Charlotte, for a very nice post. I love seeing photos of HM at the Braemer Gathering! She always seems so happy and relaxed!

    I'm now certain that you must never sleep! ;o) Thank you for all your good work, on this and your Duchess Kate blog.


  3. So lovely to highlight such a fun event! HM, HRH the Duke, and HRH the PoW look as if they are having marvelous fun. Cannot help but think this is something Camilla would enjoy tremendously; is she not popular in Scotland? or simply on holiday with her children and grandchildren?


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