Sunday, 28 September 2014

Queen Rania Speaks Passionately of Social Change and Jordan's Role in the Middle East

On Wednesday in New York, Queen Rania of Jordan joined former US president Bill Clinton and Cisco CEO John Chambers for a Clinton Global Initiative discussion on CNN. The Queen spoke of the effect Middle Eastern conflicts are having on Jordan, including the problem of massive numbers of refugees fleeing to Jordan from the war in Syria, and the strain being put on Jordan's society as it attempts to cope with the ensuing social and economic problems.


Queen Rania said she believes Jordan is a "linchpin" for stability in the Middle East and that this is down to the country's "unflinching commitment to moderation, even when it wasn't popular". She added global networks such as the Clinton Global Initiative are a very important support for driving social change through education, and "education is the first line of defence against instability and poverty and extremism".

Queen Rania Facebook Page

Earlier, the Queen met with social activists and humanitarian groups to discuss how change can be effected and to see how social programs are working to better people's lives through far-reaching projects instead of short-term solutions.

Queen Rania Facebook Page

Hearing Queen Rania's words leaves one in no doubt of the love she has for her country and its people, and of how well she represents them on the international stage in both elegance and eloquence. She looked professional in a white blouse and black and cream shirt.

Queen Rania Facebook Page

Also in news from Jordan, the Queen wished her daughters a Happy Birthday. Princess Iman turned 18 yesterday, the 27th,  and Princess Salma is now 14 having celebrated her birthday on the 26th.

Queen Rania Facebook

Proud mum Rania shared the photo via her Facebook Page.

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  1. anon from Leominster29 September 2014 at 16:38

    Must be a horribly worrying time for Rania but she has done an amazing job as queen and continues to do so. Love seeing the photos of her with her daughters. Such a lovely family.


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