Monday, 15 September 2014

Prince Albert & Princess Charlene Attend Golf Tournament; Princess Caroline Chic in White!

We're heading over to Monaco to take a look at the latest happening's at the principality. As you all know, Princess Charlene is expecting (it is thought she's about six months pregnant) and her diary is being gradually scaled back, but Her Serene Highness is still undertaking engagements. Yesterday she joined Prince Albert at the women's professional golf tournament the Evian Championship in France.

Charlene's bump is beginning to become more visible and she looked casual in loose-fitting trousers and a matching blouse. At this point in her pregnancy I'm sure it's all about comfort and feeling relaxed in ones clothing.

There are a few rumours doing the rounds saying if the couple have a daughter, they plan to call her Grace after Albert's late mother Princess Grace, formerly Grace Kelly. Yesterday marked the 32nd anniversary of the icon's death. I have to admit (being a huge fan of Grace) I do hope these rumours are true.

Meanwhile, Princess Caroline made a public appearance officially reopening the new and improved pedestrian street, Rue Princesse Caroline. Joined by several officials and government councillors the Princess was all smiles as she cut the ribbon.

Caroline looked effortlessly chic in a stylish white dress with a low neck and a belt cinching in her waist. She injected a pop of colour with print sandals.

We'll be posting on the Wessexes' Canada tour tomorrow. I know we have a few Sophie fans here :)


  1. Hi Charlotte,

    Thanks for the great posts today! By the look of Charlene's baby bump I'd guess that she is not having twins but pregnancy seems to really suit her, such a glow about her! It's so wonderful to see the affection her and Albert have for each other. After the horrible rumors surrounding their wedding it's lovely to see how happily married they are. I'd love to see Will and Kate engage in a bit more PDA, for two young and in love people they sure do skimp on it..

    Just an fyi today is also Queen Letizia's 42nd birthday! This Spanish Queen is quickly becoming my new royal favorite! I can't wait for her first tiara event as Queen, I wonder which tiara she will wear.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's post about Ed and Sophie! IMO they don't receive the press coverage they deserve. They have undertaken so many tours and have attended lots of engagements, both together and separtely, but it's rare to see any of this in the press. This is so unfortunate as they are patrons of some very worthy causes and can engage the public just as well as any other royal family member. So, thanks Charlotte for posting on their Canadian tour.

  2. Charlene never seems to be truly happy, but I do hope that the pregnancy has brought her some peace and that she will thrive on motherhood. There had to be a lot of pressure on her......

  3. anon from Leominster16 September 2014 at 18:05

    A dazzling smile isn't always a sign of underlying happiness - think of Diana, who always looked radiant. And there have been times in the last year or so, I thought Kate's beautiful smile looked a bit forced on engagements.

    But Charlene is a puzzle. I have thought possibly she is just reserved, but there are photos of her looking wonderfully happy before she was married. It is hard not to wonder if she is sending a message. There was so much pressure about falling pregnant. It must be a huge relief to her since she was clear she wanted children and we don't know how hard she had to try. Not being able can be very stressful, I've been there, especially when others like Kate and Victoria and closer to home, Tatiana and Charlotte were all having babies. I hope motherhood brings her a lot of happiness. I thought the baby was to come in December or January but she doesn't look very big -- certainly doesn't look like twins, which was just a rumour.

    1. Yes, Diana was a pro at hiding her inner reality. Regarding Kate's "forced" smiles....perhaps she was tired or didn't feel well. Most of the time she appears to be very happy and it looks too real to be an act.

  4. so nice to see caroline... I feel the same way royalfan about charlene we can only hope.

    1. Mellie and Leo, I would describe Charlene's smile as fatalistic. I hope this next chapter in her life will be a happy one, but I fear that she will have as much control over her child's (children's) life as a nanny.


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