Wednesday, 24 September 2014

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia's Week in New York!

A number of royals have descended upon New York this week for the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly, including King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain who have been keeping a packed schedule in the city in recent days. It's an important visit for the royals and their first to New York as reigning king and queen.

On Monday Letizia bonded with a group of students in Manhattan. Students at the Dos Puentes Elementary School were very impressed to have royalty at their school. One schoolboy asked, "Why aren't you wearing a crown?' and Letizia gave the impression she's very pleased to be Queen, according to principal Victoria Hunt.

Casa de S.M. el Rey Twitter Feed

Letizia looked professional in a burgundy skirt suit by Hugo Boss. Letizia wore a cream knit top underneath the blazer and a pair of matching heels.

Hugo Boss

The next day began with King Felipe's first speech abroad as King of Spain, at the United Nations Climate Summit. He spoke about Spain's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Queen Letizia enjoyed a one-to-one meeting with Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO.

Casa de S.M. el Rey Twitter Feed

The day was filled with meetings and introductions with prominent figures.

Casa de S.M. el Rey Twitter Feed

Letizia debuted a new outfit from her favourite designer Felipe Varela - a blue sheath dress with a matching long blue coat. The look is a bespoke version of the Autumn/Winter style suit shown below (with thanks to Queen Letizia Style).

Felipe Varela

Meanwhile, King Felipe met with president Barack the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia with President Obama and the First Lady at a reception for heads of state and government officials participating in the General Assembly of the United Nations. Letizia's midnight blue and black off the shoulder dress is stunning.
Letizia was seated next to Queen Máxima of the Netherlands at the opening ceremony of the General Debate of the assembly.
What did you think of Letizia's sartorial choices in New York?


  1. Two comments - first Charlotte - you are awesome! I am loving this blog as much (if not more) as your Duchess of Cambridge blog. You are so fast off the mark, and I find the variety of personalities covered on this blog very interesting. Thank you soooo much for your work and all that you do. You bring a level of professionalism and flair to every post, if you ever turn this all into a book, sign me up...I'll buy it!! Secondly - I have long followed this particular couple and I think the next year in particular will be very interesting to watch. They have a LOT on their shoulders. So..thanks for the coverage!! Vermont Follower.

  2. As usual she is polished and perfectly dressed.

  3. The blue suit looks gray on my monitor, but I love the design and the burgundy one is very flattering on her as well. And matching shoes (burgundy) are a nice change and softer look than her normal penchant for platforms. :)

    I'm not crazy about Maxima's look but she is sitting down so it may look better than the photo reveals. And is it me, or is Michelle O reeeally leaning to her right in that photo? :))

  4. Hi Charlotte, thanks for covering my new favorite royal!! I am in love with the grey blue dress and coat, as always Letizia looks professional and correct for every event.

  5. she is a class act love her and her outfits also love how happy she and the king are he looks handsome here.
    The first lady and President Obama look wonderful as well!

  6. I love her choices! She looks fabulous! I especially like the detail on the burgundy shoes -- really sets her apart, as it should for royalty!
    I also agree with Anonymous 11:05 -- LOVE this blog!! It's so interesting and varied, covering so many different royals, and every post is full of stunning photos and thoughtful intelligent writing! Keep up the fantastic work Charlotte!!

  7. I always wonder how other royals get along with each other. I know they don't act like children but still a thought I had seeing the picture of Queen Maxima and Queen Letizia sitting next to each other.

    Great post! As always, much love :)

  8. Stunning is the word for that sparkly dress ! Charlotte,do you think you would be able to pinpoint the maker ? I absolutely love this blog ! as well as Duchess Kate. Checking in is one of my favorite parts of the morning :) Thank You ! ~

    1. I see I missed the link, sorry.

  9. Kimberly, I wonder too. The picture above kinda makes me think they don't like each other, but it was just for that picture. In the link you will see they seem to get along just fine. I also thought it was funny of Queen Maxima to cover her mouth (lol). My guess is they communicate in Spanish so maybe not a whole lot of lip reading but she still did it. Too secretive, huh? :P

  10. Charlotte, this is my first comment in this blog but I have been following for a while (less than a month but a while :P ). I'm happy to see you came back to it. It was my understanding that will the Duchess Kate blog and your studies you no longer had time to keep this one as well. I am truly happy that your schedule now allows you to maintain this blog as well. I truly like your writing and I sometimes just don't comment over there bc there are too many comments and it is hard for me to follow conversation and to engage the other ladies. While I do wish you all the success here too, I hope it isn't too busy for me to follow :P (lol selfish, I know).

    My all time favorite is Princess Marie. I also love Queen Maxima!
    I also like Princess Madeline, Princess Charlene, Princess Victoria and Kate (Duchess Kate).
    Of all the above, Kate has more coverage so you covering the rest of the royals is something I am truly loving.

    I'm not really a fan of Queen Letizia. I think she is way too skinny. Skinny in an unhealthy way and I don't think she should be held as a role model because of this. Nor should we praise her figure - setting this bad "example"/standard for women. I also believe she has had one too many surgeries :S sorry, I lived in Mexico 5 yrs nd they covered the Spanish Royal Family in the media (kind of like the BM in the US) and she just looked COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to me. It's like she is another person from when I first saw her (weight and face). Perhaps if I had just "met her" (in the past yr or so) I wouldn't have this problem, but I just can't get over this. Having said of all this, I have to admit she has great style. Her outfits are always lovely and very flattering on her. While she sticks to one fashion designer (for the most part) she isn't stuck in a style/outfit/dress/color. I just hate her platform shoes - I understand her handsome husband is the probably the tallest man in royalty and government :p so she gets a pass on those.

    That burgundy suit is just so perfect for the season, flattering on her, appropriate,etc. Loving her shoes too. Letizia is a woman that not only looks beautiful; You know she is a professional smart woman. I do admire her for that.
    She always looks engaged, prepared, sharp and a hardworking royal who has raised beautiful and confident little girls. Her gray suit is also pretty -again appropriate for serious business meetings. I also think I like her dress better than Mrs. O's and I am a big Mrs. O fan :p (another strong, super intelligent, educated and accomplished woman. Worthy of admiration). Letizia's shoes remind me of how she isn't afraid to be different, to love fashion :)

    Queen Maxima looked better in the dress she wore when she presented the annual report of financial inclusion (first saw those pictures as the Mexican President was excited to meet her and praised her for her work at the UN).

    Do you believe Prince Charles will attend? I only saw pictures of your PM.
    At times like this is when I think: Oh what a difference Princess Diana would be making here...

  11. anon from Leominster26 September 2014 at 16:57

    I like Letizia's style very much these days. For a time, I thought she looked too much like the newsreader she was rather than the princess she had become. This is always a problem for men and women who marry into royal families - something new as the last fifty years has been the first time commoners have routinely married into royal familes. But I think Letizia has found her style and she and Felipe are doing a masterful job of rebuilding the reputation of the Spanish monarchy on the world's stage. Appearances at events like this are important.

    Speaking of appearances, I find it peculiar that with their interest in conservation, that Charles, William or Harry, one of them, couldn't have made an appearance at this conference. Were they deferring to the prime minister ( a chance to rebuild after his purring comment.) Was it because of the uncertainty about Scotland? William's training (and forrfeiting a chance to really make a place for himself on the issue of conservation.) Charles' speech is an important one but a read speach is not nearly as powerful as a presented one.

    It definitely puts the European and Jordanian royals, even Monaco, ahead of the BRF on these important issues.

    1. Agreed anon from Leominster. I think an appearance from the BRF would have been great. Especially since it is a "world event" beyond "ribbon cutting".

  12. To the reader who is leaving comments about an altered fact in the post:

    I have not been moderating comments over the past few days. If you want credit in the post, that is no problem. I did not amend the post personally so you'll need to let me know which portion of the post you're talking about.

    On a personal note, I've been attending a family funeral over the past couple of days and would respectfully ask you to back off for a day or two.

  13. The British royalty should have been there - I agree. Despite the Queen's popularity, as polls have frequently shown, the next generations (William and Kate included) are not perceived as dutiful enough - and that's truly the reality. For a country that has such influence in the world, the british royal family is falling behind significantly..

    Felipe, as well as the other royal family of the northern countries, are playing a much more prominent role - and they care a lot more about the world's problems. A level above the brits. It's a shame, really.

    In North America, and in particular in the US, all the young British royals are seen as is "pretty faces". And there are reasons for that.


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