Sunday, 7 September 2014

Elegant Queen Letizia in Felipe Varela Little Black Dress for USA-Spain Forum

Queen Letizia wowed us in the style stakes for the opening dinner of the 19th US-Spain Forum in Malaga.

The annual event focuses on strengthening the relationship between the United States and Spain in a number of areas. The US-Spain forum is made up of corporate leaders, government leaders and leaders in education and cultural fields who work together to stimulate international trade and investment and share knowledge to enhance their mutual images.

Back to Letizia's look for the dinner, a little black dress is a must-have in any wardrobe. It's the dress you know you can rely on to look appropriate for a variety of functions, and this Felipe Varela creation is just that for the Queen.

Letizia wore the dress in Miami for the couple's 2013 visit to the USA, and memories of that visit may have been a deciding factor in its selection this time as a nod to good relations between the two countries. The back of the dress is stunning.

The Queen kept the rest of her look simple with a soft elegant updo and pretty earrings.

What do you think of Queen Letizia's look?


  1. anon from Leominster7 September 2014 at 17:15

    So many great posts, it feels like a feast!!! Thank you, Charlotte, hope others start commenting too.

    This was a fascinating post for me and I hope others read it. I get quite tired of people on Duchess Kate slighting royal engagments by calling them just tree plantings and ribbon cuttings. Even before Felipe and Letizia were king and queen, they did an enormous amount of very valuable work. I find reading about the young European royals terribly interesting. All the young men and women Daniel, Mary, Mette-Marit, Maxima, Letizia, Charlene, came from ordinary backgrounds and ordinary jobs and have each formed their own persona within their new families.

    Mathilde and Stephanie came from aristocratic backgrounds but still have strong work backgrounds that I believe helped form them into the queen and princess they are.

    I love Letizia's clothes, she has very elegant taste, but on a more triival note, I will admit that I would have preferred this dress with sleeves. Letizia wears sleeveless dresses quite often but even though it is suitable for Spain, I don't think they become her. This is a stunning LBD though with that gorgeous dramatic back and long sleeves it would be magnificent on her.

    I like her hair up and she and Felipe look wonderfully happy together, they have really pulled together and I hope they are able to rebuild the reputation of the Spanish monarchy.

  2. She always looks appropriate and very beautiful. She is just stunning, and she always looks engaged in what is going on; she doesn't just phone it in. When she shows up, she shows up. I am glad she wore an up do, because my one complaint about her is that her hair is always hanging down, and it doesn't always look that great.

  3. Hi Charlotte! I just wanted to let you know how much I like this blog (as well as your Kate blog). I'm not one for leaving comments most of the time, but I wanted to express how much I appreciate and enjoy the effort you put into your work. I can't imagine how you find the time while going to school and still having some sort of personal life. I'm just glad that you do!

    And, yes, the back of that dress is gorgeous!

  4. Shantel (@FashionandFaith)7 September 2014 at 22:19

    Wow. She looks stunning!
    Minnesota, USA

  5. Fablous post, fabulous dress. Agree with Anon from Leo about most things (although whilst Maxima was a commoner, certainly, she was not from any type of ordinary background) and most definitely about the sleeves. All these ladies nowdays think going to the gym is an acceptable substitute for covering one's arms after a certain age, which for almost all of us, was (is) no later than 40. I find it a little distasteful on the Queen of a Roman Catholic country, however hot it may be. Lovely post Charlotte, thank you.


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