Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Crown Princess Victoria in L.K. Bennett

We're taking a look at a couple of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's latest engagements and looks today. The Crown Princess viewed pieces of art from the Ancient Roman town of Pompeii at MillesgÄrden in Stockholm last week.


The Crown Princess chose a favourite light-pink coat with a purple dress and suede heels. Victoria wore the coat again when she visited Riga in Latvia where she participated in efforts for the 'Save the Rhino' campaign and visited local landmarks.


I much preferred the coat on this occasion - teamed with the elegant L.K. Bennett Fincham Lace Dress.

The £295 dress is made with French lace. The silhouette-skimming shape and gently capped sleeves make the dress a chic and flattering choice. The light-cream and black dress would look wonderful with black heels and Victoria's hair worn down. There was some discussion on our other blog about this lately; wearing her hair in a bun is a very classic professional style, however, it would be great to see her change it up now and again.

L.K. Bennett

Victoria chose a sparkly sequin sweater from H&M for the Pontus Schultz Seminar For a More Humane Business Environment. This year's theme was limited resources potential.


The court also released a new photo of the Crown Princess wearing a pink ribbon in support of the pink ribbon campaign, of which she is patron.


Victoria wore a blue dress and statement earrings.


  1. What a nice post about CP Victoria!! I agree with you Charlotte, wearing her hair back in a bun is pretty professional looking but gosh it would be nice to see it styled differently some time. I bet it's long and thick and would be stunning in a demi-chignon a la Duchess Kate. Hopefully Victoria ( or her staff) will read this blog and decide to change up her hair style! :)

    I loved the dresses she wore and the coat is stunning, But, the H&M sweater has got to go! The sleeves are too long and the sparkly design is hideous. Victoria seems to be a 50/50 dresser. Sometimes she hits it out the park and sometimes...ugh.

    Lastly, does anyone have any thoughts on her and Daniel having another baby (a spare) any time soon?

    1. Hello Lauri,

      Thank you for commenting! I think Victoria and Daniel could have another baby at any time. It's certainly very likely. They have such a full royal schedule though, which is may it may be longer than expected.

  2. I think she is pregnant too she looks gorgeous in the blue dress. I love her love with Daniel it's true love!

  3. anon from Leominster24 September 2014 at 11:55

    I love the black and white dress paired with the pink coat, and the blue in the formal portrait sets off the ribbon. But I do keep wishing for a softer hairstyle - she would still look professional, it's in her bearing. The sparkly sweater - don't like it so much. A more humane workplace is certainly a good cause though - as are the rhinos. There have been some horrific pictures in the papers about them - know it is a cause close to William's heart too.

  4. The black and white dress is stunning! Wow! I love it as much as I hate the sparkly top. Lol. It isn't flattering at all and the long sleeves don't help. :) I also agree on a different, softer hairstyle...


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