Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Fashion Feast from Queen Máxima

The European royals offer so much in terms of tiaras, jewels, formal events and stunning gowns, and Queen Máxima is one of the best to follow in this regard. She loves experimenting with her style, trying new things and any excuse for a dramatic gown. Yesterday Max had such an opportunity for the Prince's Day session of the Dutch parliament.

The Queen looked wonderful in a sweeping red floor-length Valentino gown with a matching red hat by Fabienne Delvigne. She accessorised the regal look with a blue and orange (the national colour) sash - and a pearl brooch with matching earrings.

This was a magnificent look for Máxima.

The Dutch equivalent of the State Opening of Parliament sees the monarch give details of the government's programme for the financial year and budget allocations. Prince's Day was originally used to celebrate the birthday of William V, Prince of Orange on 8 March in the eighteenth century, but today the king uses it set out government policy for the coming year.

It's very much a royal event full of pomp and ceremony; the couple arrived in a golden carriage and were greeted by locals and well-wishers lining the streets.

The King and Queen then made their way to the balcony of the Noordeinde Palace, where they were joined by King Willem-Alexander's younger brother Prince Constantijn and his wife Princess Laurentien.


The Queen has been keeping a busy schedule of late with a number of fashionable appearances over the past week.  The royal couple enjoyed a trip on the lifeboat 'Prins Henrik' where they enjoyed laughs as Willem-Alexander took photos with his iphone.

Dutch Royal Family Facebook Page

There's a great story behind Máxima's colourful Natan dress. It was actually designed by a ten-year-old Dutch girl who suffers with Leukaemia. Thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation the little girl, Luna, had the opportunity to design this dress for the Queen with the popular brand.

Máxima repeated another Natan design, an understated grey dress, for a visit to the Laluz Foundation in Amsterdam, It's quite a simple dress, but Max added her own signature stamp to the look with the addition of two golden butterflies on her right shoulder.

Do you like Máxima's style choices this week?


  1. A small correction: the princess is Laurentien, not Laurent

  2. Wow, there is a lot going on with that red dress. At first glance, I really liked the color and fit but after seeing it close up I'm not a fan of all the seams in the bodice, too busy for my taste but perfect for Max. And what is going on with that hat?? Max has been wearing this style as of late, I'm not sure what to call it, it looks like a beret plopped on the back of her head. Or a red colored bandage, just not sure.

    Love the colorful Nathan dress simply due to the back story. How wonderful for that little girl to be able to design a dress worn by the Queen!!

    All in all, I think Queen Maxima has a big, bubbly, colorful personality and uses her fashion choices to reflect that.

  3. anon from Leominster17 September 2014 at 16:26

    I have to admit it was more like fasion indigestion for me. Too much red and the wrong shade of red for Maxima. And the blue sash doesn't look right on all that red. Maxima is bold and her lively choices often suit her although when she does go understated, I like it. There was an important meeting a few months back of world leaders hosted by the Dutch. Maxima wore simple beige and she looked so elegant.

    Having said that, I'm not too crazy about the grey. Don't like that extra effect of material on the sleeve, and don't like that grey on Maxima. Sometimes wish the royal ladies would have their colours done like we used to in the Eighties and stay with shades that suit them. Kate has a one of the best eyes, perhaps with her background in art.

    It is a wonderful occasion though - always fun to see the Dutch ladies go all out, right or wrong.

    Love the dress the little girl designed - what a fun thing for her to be able to do and special that Maxima agreed to wear it. (Not sure I can see Kate doing that, although I would like to think so. She never wore those funky shoes that were designed with her in mind.) The material is very pretty - hope the little girl is able to recover and goes on to be a designer. I think I would have liked the dress without the hat, but Maxima does love her hats.

  4. This is pure Maxima. I love her style....and her bubbly personality, as Lauri stated. The only thing I didn't care for was the small brimmed hat. It looked like she borrowed it from a certain BP closet. :))) No one pulls off a wide brim like Max! No one.

  5. rose from Brooklyn18 September 2014 at 01:18

    Beautiful articel. Thx

  6. What a beautiful dress that little girl designed with House Natan. It suits HM perfectly. I have to say I was quite inqtrigued by HRH Princess Laurnetien's corduoroi dress with the feathered trimmed hat. It made me think how perfect for Scotland!

  7. I liked the red dress, but the gloves were a bit much. The flowers were beautiful. I will have to search the internet to see more of the background.

  8. I liked her choices. I like seeing bold colors on people who can carry them off, and I think Maxima does it well. I was intrigued by the red platform-sandals peeping out from under her red gown when seated. When going for that monochromatic effect, shoes are important too!

    How touching that she wore the dress designed by the little girl with leukemia. It speaks volumes about her character to have made that gesture. I too hope the little girl recovers and grows up to achieve her dreams.

    I have to disagree with someone about the grey dress. She wears this color well--there's something about the shade of her complexion and her hair that this shade of grey complements perfectly. But the dress to my mind could have looked better without the flutter sleeve on the one side.

    All these comments come with a caveat: I really know little about fashion and must be the most unfashionable woman I know of myself!

  9. I gotta say, I really like this woman. She is herself and owns it.

  10. Wow!! Queen Max reigns!! I love when she goes big & bold in one color & thought she was staggering in all things red. Everything else that she wore was Maxima-Spot-On! Of course, this is my opinion. That she wore the dress designed by the ill little girl was poignant. The Queen wore her heart on her sleeve.


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