Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Style File: Queen Letizia Pretty in Rose Print Hugo Boss

In our last post we discussed Queen Letizia's style with some brevity - her love for business attire including sharp suits and fitted dresses. We asked, would her new role as Queen alter her style and allow her to experiment? If The Queen's latest look is any indication the answer is a resounding yes.

Attending the opening of the "El Greco and Modern Painting" exhibiton at the El Prado Museum in Madrid, Letizia selected a stunning floral print dress.

Casareal Official Website

The Hugo Boss Sleeveless Rose Print Dress features a lush bouquet of three-dimensional roses finished with a cinched skinny belt. The tailored sheath has a modified boatneck and front and back princess seams. It's currently on sale reduced from €695 to €278 in limited sizes at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Hugo Boss

Letizia accessorised with nude heels and a matching envelope clutch.

Letizia completed the look with pretty floral studs.

It was a beautiful look for the Queen. Sophisticated, chic, colourful and perfect for summer. Letizia has long been a fan of Hugo Boss and the designer's garments work very well for her slender figure.

In other news, Felipe and Leitzia received members of solidarity institutions yesterday and the Queen was in one of her go-to looks; a chic jacket and fitted pants. Whilst we do prefer the rose print dress, the ponytail adds a freshness.

The hairstyle works extremely well for her and showcases her face.

Share your thoughts on Letizia's style in the comments section! :)


  1. Thanks for such a great post today!! I am loving Queen Letizia's style choices. The Hugo Boss dress is sublime, I love the colors and print, they work so well for the Queen's coloring and shape. I have a feeling that like the Duchess of Cambridge, the Queen of Spain will not be a fashion risk taker like Queen Maxima or Queen Mathilda. To me the two Queen M's have not always selected styles that suit them and can sometimes look almost cartoonish in their choices. But that's just me, as I am a rather classic dresser myself I tend to go for those that dress in ways I could see myself dress (if I could afford it :))

    Do you have any idea when Queen Letizia will be making her first tiara apperance as Queen? I can hardly wait for that moment!

    1. Hello Lauri,

      The moment Leitzia makes a tiara appearance I'll whip up a post! I thought she looked really lovely in the Hugo Boss dress, I do hope we see her in more fresh, colourful sheaths.

  2. I think she always looks beautiful regardless of what she is wearing. She could wear a sack and still be the most beautiful woman in the room, but I do not like the dress. The dress itself is nothing out of the ordinary, design wise, but the big cabbage rose print is dreadful. It reminds me of wallpaper at my Grandmother's house, or faded upholstery on a sofa. Just not down with the print.

  3. She is so elegant and beautiful.Thank you Charlotte!

  4. Hi, long-time reader, but this is my first comment on either of your fantastic blogs :-)
    I adore Queen Letizia and very much admire her style and fashion choices. Her outfits are always elegant, but never over the top and she doesn't need tons of accessories to pull off a good look, which is something few other royal ladies can do. I think she's, unlike Mary or Maxima, more about being taken seriously in her work as a Queen than considered a fashion icon, which is why she often wears pantsuits, yet she manages to look equally glamurous in business suits as in evening gowns. Her style reflects her personality, professionalism and strong character, and that's what I appreciate most about her. She's someone Spain should be proud of, and I have no doubt she'll be a wonderful Queen!

  5. She sure is petite in every way isn't she?


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