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Royal Roundup: Danish Royal Family gathers for Photocall; Cressida's Revealing Look & More

Hello and welcome, we have updates from various royal families to share with you today.

The Danish Royal Family marked Prince Henrik's birthday with a family celebration yesterday and a lovely photo-call featuring informal snaps of Prince Henrik, Queen Margarethe, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Princess Marie and Prince Joachim and their children.


The family opted to mark the milestone in Henrik's native France by travelling to Chateau de Cayx, their stunning royal residence located in the southern wine district of Cahors (do pop over to the Chateau's website and watch the picturesque intro). In medieval times the castle formed part of the defences of the town of Luzech due to its dominance of the Lot river.

Chateau de Cayx

Prince Henrik was in high spirits as he stepped out to the gardens with his grandchildren.


A lovely shot of Princess Mary with her daughter Princess Josephine.

The Crown Princess looked beautiful in a sweeping emerald green dress by Ilse Jacobsen.

The Plizze Long Dress is currently available at Amazon for £125 a variety of colours, though Mary's green appears to be sold out. The polyester dress a fabulous piece for summer and would look amazing with sandals or wedges.


Princess Marie looked stylish in a summery dress and wedges.

The Danish Royal Family get it just right in so many ways. They don their tiaras and finery more than any other, yet manage to pull off relaxed, informal photo-calls with aplomb.

These photos could have been from any family and in terms of protecting their privacy it's an excellent idea. One cannot help but feel the British Royal Family could benefit from such an arrangement with the press.


Princess Eugenie and her mother Sarah, Duchess of York attended the Art Antiques Gala Evening in in aid of Children in Crisis at Kensington Gardens on Tuesday.

Also in attendance, Prince Harry's ex Cressida Bonas in a very revealing black top.

Were you all surprised when Prince Harry and Cressida broke up? The high-profile relationship led to a string of stories in the press. From "Harry found Her Boring" to "Making Up in the Autumn", we've seen many a recycled story from William and Kate's break up. Only time will tell but something tells me this one may be over for good. Since the break-up Cressida has been landing plum roles and gave an interview to The Times about her career. Interviews are a major no no in the eyes of the Royal Family, and one can only imagine if Kate or Chelsy had done so to further their careers or business ventures.

I have to say, I thought the look rather inappropriate (Cressida is not a member of the Royal Family and entirely free to dress without protocol considerations) for the event. For a charity event I would have thought something a little more demure would have been more suitable. What are your thoughts?


Queen Máxima wowed fashion critics and royal fans alike in a lavender ball gown with floral overlay and a dramatic cape by her go-to designer Jan Taminiau.

The King and Queen were attending Máxima's brother Juan Zorreguieta's wedding to Austrian Andrea Wolf.  I loved the fact that Princess (formerly Queen) Beatrix attended too; this family appears to be so close.


Speaking of stylish royals, Crown Princess Mette-Marit looked stylish at the AmFAR Gala in New York in an elegant H&M Conscious black dress. The brand is popular amongst royals because it's committed to producing ethical fashion and using natural resources responsibly. Below we see the Princess with actress Sarah Jessica Parker.


Finally, a belated congratulations to Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, who are expecting their first child. Rumour has it it's twins!

Palais de Monaco Facebook Page

We omitted the Spanish royals as our next post will be solely about the abdication and Spain's future king and queen.


  1. Oh, my-- now maybe Cressida will learn to check her outfit from every angle in a three-way mirror before she goes out! She's very young, though--and some girls that age seem to not mind showing what the rest of us consider to be immodest --or un-ladylike body parts! I'm with you, Charlotte--demure would have been FAR more appropriate!
    Maxima' s gown and cape -- she looked like a magical fairytale queen!

    1. Maxima is stunning. Absolutely stunning. Cressida, on the other hand, should cut down on the air conditioning. ;)

  2. Great post! Sadly, all of these Royal Familes confuse me. I don't know as much about any of them then I do with the British Royal Family. I do agree that it would be nice if they put them self out there more like other RF.
    I am soo happy you ate posting here again!

  3. Hi Charlotte, Hi Jo-
    Cressida looks ridiculous! that said Maxima looks amazing-and so does the King. I so enjoy all of the royals, and am thankful for each post Charlotte- I did see a post of HM Queen Rania- and she was outside and wearing SUNGLASSES! :) So excited for PA and PC expecting their first child (children) together. Fingers crossed for them that all goes well. Happy Week-end ya'all

  4. Enjoyed the post, Charlotte! I did not know Prince Henrik was French. What a lovely photo of the Chateau. What a contrast in styles of queenship- Queen Margarethe literally laid back and approachable; and then Queen Elizabeth, who, after all is only following British tradition.
    How unfortunate for Cressida. But she is still so young.
    Is Eugenie wearing the same dress she wore to the garden party? If so, hooray for her!

    1. Cressida is not too young to look in a mirror and care about what she sees.

    2. I'm sure you're right, Eve. I was married with children at her age. It is still sad to see, for me.

  5. actually the bride of maxima's brother is from austria, not australia. that is why the wedding took place in vienna, the capital of austria. ;)
    love all your blogs, you do a great job!

    eli from austria

  6. A beautiful roundup thank you so much. One so agrees about the Danish royal family, they always seem to hit the high notes on every occasion. Maxima is still so much the stylish Argentine, and it is very gracious of the Dutch Royal Family to support her family. Finally, one does so hope the House of Grimaldi will now be blessed with not only an heir (and possibly a spare in one) but some happiness as well.

  7. What a great post! The Danish Royal Family looks so comfortable together and I love the casualnes of these photos. I wonder if the BRF could pull off the same level of casualness? I kind of doubt it, but it would be fun to see them try. Maybe in the future Will, Kate, Harry and their families will be able to pull it off.

    I loved Maxima's dress, the color and fabric are to die for. So often I find her outfits almost cartoonish, so I was very happy to see how lovely she looked today.

    Lastly, what wonderful news for Albert and Charlene!!! I hope Charlene is blessed with an easy pregnancy and a baby(ies) who sleeps through the night.

  8. I wondered if they (Prince Harry + Cressida) would get back together again, but with this latest display, maybe splitting was a good idea. I never digged her as much as I did Kate and now I think I know why.

    Good luck with The Royal Digest

  9. Lovely round up - thank you Charlotte!

    I love the way the European Royals share so much more - I firmly believe it affords them greater privacy....I feel like I was at Leonore's Christening it was so beautifully shared and yet I am sure there was lots of private moments too. Estelle is such a cutie!!

    Maxima - looks absolutely stunning here - every inch a Queen, gorgeous!

    As for Charlene - I truly hope she is happy but I fear that she is not - she rarely looks happy and there seems to be little/no tlc as you see with William & Kate - a stolen look of love / a caring hand on her back to guide her etc. Very often Charlene has her clutch bag in the hand next to her husband. I hope I'm wrong but I just see sadness...

    There was some amazing Royal fashions at Ascot this week - Countess of Wessex in lots of Emilia Wickstead and some great looks for her and also Princess Haya. I couldn't believe Princess Anne had an outfit on from 1988 and it still looked good/current this week and as for Her Majesty - knocked it out of the park again just like she did on the state visit to France - she just gets better!

  10. What a fantastic post Charlotte! I love seeing the Danish royal family and Princess Mary and Frederik look so adorable together. I love that photo of Mary in the green dress with her daughter she is so elegant.

    I'm not a fan of Cressida so will not comment on her. Congratulations to Prince Albert and Charlene its nice that he finally has a legitimate child for the crown.

  11. Also love seeing the crown princess of Norway she looks lovely thanks again Charlotte.

  12. Cressida's outfit is just one reason I never saw her being a royal.


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