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Latest News: Royal Babies - Princess Leonore & Mia Tindall

It's really been a royal news week dominated by babies, hasn't it? And I cannot think of a cuter subject to discuss, so let's begin with Princess Madeleine's new arrival. On Wednesday, 26 February, a cabinet meeting was held at the Royal Palace to mark the birth of Madeleine's child. During the meeting The King informed the government that the Princess will be named:

Her Royal Highness Princess Leonore Lilian Maria, Duchess of Gotland

I think you'll agree Princess Leonore is adorable!


The King and Crown Princess Victoria looked delighted to discuss the latest addition to the family at the cabinet meeting.


I thought the names chosen by Madeleine and Chris to be beautiful choices. Leonore and variations of the name are becoming an increasingly popular amongst European royals. It is the name of the future Spanish Queen (Leonor) to name just one. Some were surprised the baby was titled Princess, given that her father, a British-American, declined to take any titles and the couple have lived in New York for some time and will continue to do so. Nonetheless it's always lovely to welcome another Princess.

A look at the happy family.

Princess Madeleine Facebook Page


Over here in Britian, The Queen's granddaughter Zara Tindall and her husband Mike introduced the world to their daughter Mia via an exclusive photoshoot with Hello! Magazine.

Hello! Magazine

The couple's decision to sell the first photos of their daughter has been described as "tawdry" by royal commentators. Many feel it was not prudent for a member of the Royal Family to partake in such financial ventures.

'Zara Tindall has risked irritating The Queen by selling exclusive photographs of her daughter Mia to Hello! Magazine for a six-figure sum. The Queen's granddaughter is the most senior member of the Royal Family to sell the rights to the first portrait of their child, and signed the deal despite previous denials that she intended to make money from the birth.'

The pictures were taken at the couple's home on the Princess Royal's Gatcombe Park estate in Gloucestershire. In the interview, Zara described her daughter as "pretty relaxed and happy so far" and said, "I keep looking at Mia and thinking, 'Oh we made that'."

What do you think of Zara and Mike's decision to sell the photos of Mia? I expect if the money had been donated to charity the decision would have been met with a less harsh reception from the press.


  1. Zara receives no money from the state she works for all she earns so I see nothing wrong with it. Zara is the queen's fave grandchild too I'm sure the Queen will get over this.
    I think zara's baby is adorable and so is leonore lilian. I love the unusual name and I'm glad she is a princess of Sweden no matter what her father's title. To me she is a real princess. I find it strange Princess Madeleine has a Facebook page seems a little strange for a royal doing it herself.

  2. Portia from Chicago28 February 2014 at 19:50

    I think that it is in poor taste to sell one's child's pictures for profit. As a mother I cannot imagine doing something like that. After all, the child is an individual. There is something very crass about this move by Mike and Zara. And there was something crass about her brother selling his wedding pictures as well. They have been brought up in so much priviledge and have so much money, it smacks of greed and that, I find to be off-putting. I was disappointed because I actually like Zara and Peter.

    I like the name for the new princess - you can tell that she is going to be a beauty. Those are very prominent and strong features there - especially the lips.

  3. Portia from Chicago28 February 2014 at 19:53

    I just spent some time looking at CP Mary's facebook site and there are pictures of her at an engagement and honestly they look so authentic and so natural. All of them gathered together on a couch, at a table drinking coffe.. Nobody is trying too hard. I am really impressed by her.

  4. I've been following Hello! from the days it was Hola because of the high quality of its photos. Other magazines would have one terrible photo combined with bad gossip --poor Diana was pregnant with her third child long after, as we later learned, Charles had left her and was consorting with Camilla. But Hello! would have a handsome spread talking about royal engagements. Only Majesty and Royalty compared with that and they covered far less.

    I think the royals have always had a "peculiar" relationship with Hwllo! because they find it safe. From its very first issue in English, ironically featuring an interview with Princess Anne (proceeds presumably to charity) its articles could be banal and fawning but it never dealt in unfounded gossip or unduly negative remarks and its photographs were top notch. Even Kate's recent "bad hair day" was handled tactfully with the most flattering photos out there.

    Yes, I'm sure we would all be more comfortable if Zara had given the money to charity but I have noticed most people are supportive of her, even on such normally critical sites like the Daily Mail. There is something very straightforward about Zara. She works, admittedly in an expensive sport, openly takes endorsements because that's what you have to do as an athlete and isn't supported by the public purse, at least since she has been an adult. It's a bit of a double standard to say she can't sell photos when she's a private person without even a title.

    I'm old-fashioned -and old - and have a nostagla for those Cecll Beaton photos of the queen with her babies, curiously formal and remote, with Nanny's presence clearly in the background and sometimes in the actual photo. We aren't going to get that today, the mystique is gone, but there are times I think Hello! is becoming the next best thing.

    I noticed the contrast between the fine photos of Frederick Windsor in Hello and the terribly ordinary photos by the lousy photographer Michael Middleton of George. Yes, they are sweetly middle class and there is a place for them, but these are apparently the only photos out there of tthe newborn George, hopefully future king of England.

    Michael Middleton copyrighted those photos. Allegedly, he handed the copyright over to William and Kate but where is the money for the use of those photos going? Is it all going to charity? What about those not so candid shots of Kate and George on the way to Mustique, published in Hello! Was somebody paid for those, outside of the photographer? It's not clear.

    I have to admit I like Zara's work ethic, her assertion she is going to be the best working mum she can be, (in an era where most mums have to work, like it or not.) I prefer her straightforward Hello! deal to some of the ambiguity surrounding William and Kate, accepting considerable support from the public purse while there remains a lot of uncertainty about their role and how much public work they are willing to take on. Not much at the moment but always a dubious promise of more someday. At least with Zara, we know where we stand and have a lovely chance to see baby Mia.

    1. Portia from Chicago2 March 2014 at 01:28

      You make a good point about the copyright ! What indeed did happen to Mike Middleton's copyright - if William owns it who gets the royalties.
      And I agree about Zara. She seems quite sensible and a straight shooter, as is her husband. No extra airs and graces.

    2. bluhare in Washington State3 March 2014 at 21:59

      You lost me with "sweetly middle class". It reads like a very sugar coated insult.

    3. There is a place for nice photo shots that any of us might have taken. There was a similar photo of Sophie and the queen taken by Prince Edward. The photos of William and Kate were intimate and cute. But I think, especially with a future king, that professional photos are also in order and that some fomality is necessary in a monarchy. The recent birthday photos of Crown Princess Ingrid of Norway with balloons show how photos can be at once very appealing but also carry a certain mystique.

  5. Marci from Salt Lake28 February 2014 at 21:26

    I think that Zara and Mike should go ahead and make money--it's a legitimate supply of a product that is in great demand. They are probably wealthier than many, but the uncertain state of things means to me that if you can sock away something extra, you should! And how do we know that they are not using the money in some way that is nobler than, say, spending it on a meaningless luxury? Just because they don't announce that the fee is being given to charity doesn't mean that it is not being used in some way that most of us we would agree with. (I hope that made sense.) Thank you for this post--the babies are adorable, and I do like their names. And finally, it seems to me to be fitting that the future crown Princess of Sweden should be named a Princess at her birth, disregarding her father's common status.

  6. Marci from Salt Lake28 February 2014 at 21:30

    Oops--I just realized I called Princess Leonore a future crown princess--which of course is not likely! So let me amend that and say that it is fine for her to take her royal status from her mother--women's rights should include being able to pass down their status to their children--rather than from her father.

  7. Awww......both babies are adorable!! :)

    Zara has no royal title so I don't see anything wrong with her and Mike selling the photos and I doubt that the Queen has a problem with it. This is so far off the radar compared to what she has gone along with in recent years.

    I didn't expect Madeleine and Chris's baby to have a title, but when you consider how small the royal family is, it does make sense.

  8. Well.......if anyone has a problem with Mike and Zara making some money on this, or Peter and Autumn selling wedding photos, you may want to Google "Highgrove products" or "Duchy or Cornwall products" and see how much is being sold under those logos. :)

    1. bluhare in Washington State3 March 2014 at 21:59

      I could be wrong, but I think the issue was selling people. Although you make a good point. The royals are not above commercial ventures!

  9. I'm very happy that Princess Madeleine's daughter has been given a Princess/Duchess of Gotland title. As for Zara. I'm sure the Queen approved the photo shoot or they never would have done it. The only reason I'm okay with it is that someone would have taken photos of Zara & baby, following her & bothering them at every moment. This is a good way to get the photos out there without the media pressure. And why people complain about Zara &/or William obtaining money from their 1st baby photos is surprising because folks are always complaining that these people should be out making money. We all want to see the photos, & if they get money for them, such is life.

  10. They might as well get the money themselves, rather than the newspapers/media. And yes I agree normally selling your child's photo isn't a great way to make money, but in this case they would be photographed anyway. Better be in charge of your own fate in a way. And how clever is Princess Madeleine with her own FB site. Fantastic idea!

    1. I agree. And who knows...perhaps Mike and Zara put money aside for Mia's education.

  11. yayy the Swedish Princess is my namesake! ;) Leonore is a beautiful name! And Zara and Mike's baby looks really cute too!


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