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Harry & Cressida + The Prince's Lesotho Trip

Hello readers, and if you've been following for a while my deepest apologies for the lack of posting recently. Unfortunately, I can't always dedicate as much time as I would like to blogging, but I do so enjoy writing The Royal Digest and reading your comments!

It didn't take me long to decide which royal I would choose to write about tonight. Prince Harry has been making headlines for a host of reasons lately, most notably the 28-year-old prince was photographed hugging new flame Cressida Bonas while they were skiing in Verbier, Switzerland with the Yorks (Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie and their mother Sarah).


Their hug came a day after Harry surprised onlookers at a restaurant by kissing Cressida while she was sitting on his lap. One diner said:

'It was clear they couldn't keep their hands off each other. One minute they were sat at the table with Andrew, Fergie and their daughters, the next they were acting like teenagers in a darkened cinema. They were very affectionate with each other. Cressida was wearing a little black dress.'

A skiing trip to Klosters in 2004 confirmed William and Kate were a couple and Harry is sending the same message by publicly hugging Cressida. It's very much becoming the royal way to announce a romance. :)

The Sun

The prince purchased a pair of Manitobah Mukluks Snow Boots as a treat for Cressida. He decided on a grey leather and fur pair by the Canadian retail brand  which retail for £300 at Shoe Me. The assistant said: "He came in a little before closing time, he was very nice."

I do love a royal romance and following the Vegas pictures and Harry's recent Afghanistan interview, I think some stability and romance is exactly what he needs (yes, yes I know it's early days...). From what I've seen of Cressida she seems lovely and she and Harry make a great looking couple. We'll be getting to know Cressida better in a post specifically about her shortly. :)


Prince Harry has travelled to Lesotho to learn about his charity Sentebale's latest projects. Harry founded Sentebale in 2006 with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho to help vulnerable children, the forgotten victims of poverty and Lesotho's HIV/AIDS epidemic.


Harry has been thoroughly enjoying his trip and turned a cookery class into a comedy show by wearing a rather fetching pink apron and offering his produce to the press. He showed off his culinary talents cooking fat cakes - Lesotho doughnuts - when he joined pupils in a home economics class at a deaf centre in Lesotho.

Royal correspondent Richard Palmer reveals the cakes were very nice indeed!

Richard Palmer Twitter

A number of pupils taught Harry how to sign a welcome message written on the classroom blackboard - "We love Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso". The prince was also taught the words for sister, mother and father and was corrected by a pupil who pulled and pushed his fingers, then gave him the task of writing the words on the board as she signed them. At one point a seven-year-old who was sitting at the back of the class began to cry because he could not see the royals, and he was brought up to sit on Prince Seesio's knee, a very cute moment that made me smile. :)

Prince Harry talks with a young girl, Tebello Sechocha, during his visit to the St. Bernadette School for the visually impaired. In Lesotho disability is very sadly seen as a stigma by some parents. I hope this visit will shed some light on this and help to change attitudes.

Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso took part in a kneeling dance with children. You can watch a great video at The Telegraph.
Harry is simply enchanting with children, something he inherited from his late mother, Princess Diana.
Later in the evening, Prince Harry attended a fundraising gala dinner in Johannesburg where he told fellow guests that he hoped his mother would be "looking down from heaven to give her blessing to what he was hoping to achieve with his charity, Sentebale." Sentebale means "forget me not" in the local dialect of Sesotho.

I have no doubt Diana is immensely proud of Harry and his achievements with Sentebale.


  1. Yay you are back! I am happy for Prince Harry that he has a lovely girl. I have been reading another blog and they are saying Catherine is jealous of her. I really hope not. This blog does not actually say too many nice things about the Royals but I need my fix somewhere. I am slightly hoping that he would get with Pippa, a girl can hope right?!

    1. Thank you for reading Emily!

      There are some very unkind sites/blogs/tumblr/forums unfortunately. Kate simply adores Harry from what I can and I think she would be very welcome to Cressida.

      Oh, I had hoped Pippa and Harry would get together too :)

    2. I'm a bit late to the party, but I think Kate is more jealous of Cressida's sister than Cressida. Rumour has it that William had a thing for her sister Isabella (who just got married).

  2. I think many hoped Pippa and Harry would hook up, but doesn't look like it was meant to be. Wouldn't it make for great news though?!? Cressida is beautiful and looks like it could be serious. I will admit the teenager in me first thought, "Wow, they would have gorgeous kids!" We'll see what happens. Maybe another Royal wedding in the near future? :)

    I have been following Harry's trip to Lesotho and watching the news coverage. My heart just aches for those precious children. They are all absolutely beautiful and you can tell how much they love and adore "Mr. Harry". Harry is definitely in his element and has done a brilliant job with Sentebale. You can tell he has a huge heart of gold. I got teary eyed reading what he said in his speech at the charity fundraiser. Don't you know how incredibly proud Diana would be of both her boys, but especially Harry.

    Many prayers go out for those sweet children and praise for the amazing job Harry is doing!

    1. Harry has star power, and I hope he uses it well.

  3. Hi,

    While I sometimes get annoyed with Harry for sounding a bit arrogant, I've never minded him being a bit of a lad. He has such a wonderful, natural touch, much more so than William will let himself show in public. It may be in part because William is the heir but I think it is also their personalities. I look forward to when Harry takes on more in the UK, it will make him hugely popular. I miss Chelsy - her wild spirit seemed to match Harry's, yet she was a hard-working professional too. But Cressida is lovely and would make a beautiful contrast to Kate. Would think Kate would be delighted. It will pull a lot of attention from her, which is what she is said to want - to a point! Have to say I was never a fan of Pippa's. She dresses well but always has seemed to be angling for a prestigious boyfriend. Kate is great but one Middleton is plenty.

  4. Harry is a natural with children. He shines when he's out there doing his thing. :) Diana would be so proud of him! And I think his and William's personalities are perfectly suited to their roles.

    I hope this will be the girl to keep up with Harry's wild side, yet keep him grounded at the same time. He needs a special lady to be "in his corner" (as William has with Kate).

    And I agree that Kate appears to be very fond of Harry and would only want the best for him.

  5. Sarah from Calif.2 March 2013 at 20:01

    William is so like my first born, more serious and reserved. Harry is just like my second born, out there and social. Both have great traits that will help them with their roles. I love seeing photos of both. I truely do hope and pray Harry finds his perfect love. I'm not quit sure about any of the ladies yet so I will save my opinion.
    Thank you Charlotte! !!!

  6. Sarah from Calif.10 March 2013 at 23:33

    Hi Charlotte, the story of Prince Bertil and Princess Lily from Sweden might be an interesting post. She just passed away today it seems like a very romantic lovestory. Just a thought. I do understand you are very busy :)))

  7. Robin Indiana USA
    Wonderful story Charlotte. Prince Harry just loves being around children. He gets down to their level to try and understand these precious children. Diana is smiling down from Heaven, her second born is doing amazing work. Harry will be a wonderful dad someday. Hopefully we won't have to wait a long time. I am happy that he has met a young woman fingers crossed.

  8. Prince Harrry has grown up to be a fine young man. An adventurer and a great ambassador for UK royalty. A credit to his dad and of course his late mother, Princess diana

  9. Is Cressida about the same age as Kate was?

  10. Maybe you could post something of kate in Oxfordshire this weekend


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