Sunday, 13 January 2013

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene Meet Pope Benedict XVI

The most interesting royal news story this weekend has to be Prince Albert and Princess Charlene's visit to the Vatican where they received an audience with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI at the Apostolic Palace. The visit was of special importance because it was the first time Princess Charlene has met the Sovereign Pontiff.

Palais de Monaco

The fifteen minute meeting was conducted in French, during which His Holiness the Pope commended Charlene on swimming achievements and gifted the couple with a red pencil drawing of St Peter's Basilica. Prince Albert described the artwork as "beautiful" and in return gave the Pope a picture book about his ancestor Cardinal Jerome Grimaldi. They also discussed the Catholic Church's contribution to life in the principality and the environment.

Palais Princier de Monaco Facebook

The visit marks the continuation of close trusting relations between the Principality of Monaco and the Holy See. Prince Albert met the Pope in 2005 and 2009 and his parents Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace were received at the Vatican by Pope Pius XII in 1957, by Pope John XXIII in 1959 and by Pope Paul VI in 1974. They also paid a visit to Pope John Paul I, then to Pope John Paul II. Below we see the couple meeting Pope John Paul I (with many thanks to Mad For Monaco)

Mad For Monaco

Charlene's attire was simply perfect for the occasion. The Princess chose a white lace dress by Dior with a matching veil which is in keeping with Vatican protocol known as 'Privilege Du Blanc' whereby female Catholic monarchs and wives of Catholic monarchs are permitted to wear white when meeting the Pope. Otherwise women are expected to wear black with long sleeves and a black veil.

Palais de Monaco 
You can watch a video from the visit here.

Next we'll be taking a look at portraits of members of the British royal family!


  1. I really like the dress. She was stunning :)

  2. Sarah from Calif.13 January 2013 at 21:43

    Hi Charlotte,
    That was a lovely post. They seem like a great couple. I hope and pray all of these royal couples do all they can do for the future generations of their own nations. :)

  3. A marvellous princess and a perfect outfit,thank you for the post and videos.

  4. I love seeing the Privilège du Blanc! She looks lovely. I hope these two are doing well, I wasn't so sure what was going to happen there. How intense is the baby watch on them?

    1. Not as intense as William and Kate's. Although I would have thought they would be expecting by now? but whenever they're ready I'm sure they'll make wonderful parents :)

  5. Charlene looks beautiful, it does look as though she has a bump in the first photo of her in the blue dress. Good luck to them both :)

  6. Charlene looks stunning in the white lace!

  7. Oh my God, Charlene is WONDERFUL in the first picture! Lovely :)

  8. Charlene looks stunningly beautiful in that white outfit. A true princess.


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